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Per discord - buff/debuff ideas


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My list of buff/debuff ideas


Buff/Debuffs for generic effects
Rather than have specific effects for a lot of things, you can have generic effects and combine them... e.g. if you're cold you might take small health over time & movement speed penalty
There are plenty more you could add (like lucky to give better loot or whatever) but this is a list of things I think are relatively essential for json modders to be able to add to make magical potions, tech stuff, and some world changes (like gravity).


  • Health over time - poison (-), sickness (-), magic (+/-), being on fire/lava/etc.
  • Movement speed - weight, bulk, gravity, magic, strength
  • Jump height - gravity, strength
  • Ignored by AI - invisibility, animal scent (hunting), wind direction ?
  • Attracts AI - strong meat smells, lures, injury
  • Repels AI - fire, smoke, repellant salves/plant
  • Resistance to damage types - mostly magic but could also be being soaked = resist fire
  • Suffocation - this could be a state rather than just an effect of certain terrain types, thus it could easily be added to gasses, weapons, traps
  • Suffocation immunity/resistance - magic or technological, maybe wet cloth over mouth for minor resistance to some types if you wanted it granular but probably too far.
  • Flight - magical or technological
  • Immobile (cannot move) - magical, poison, trap, etc
  • Dazed (wobbly drunk style) - magical, drunk, poisoned
  • Radiant (casting light) - magical, technology, wearing an illuminating item


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