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  1. DrTenabrae

    My VS model releases

    I've released my first entity... the armadillo ! Check it and my other models out at vs.usagi.com http://vs.usagi.com.au/index.php/2019/02/09/armadillo/
  2. DrTenabrae

    My VS model releases

    Updated all models to v1_01 - they're now in a sensible folder structure and a separate texture download is not necessary.
  3. DrTenabrae

    My VS model releases

    Hey all, I mostly hang out on the VS discord rather than here but i've been working on some models for VS that modders are free to use. You can find them here: http://vs.usagi.com.au/ Feel free to leave feedback on the site or find me on the discord server. ( @tenabrae#0610 )
  4. DrTenabrae

    The 3 basic mechanical power

    Id just like to see a common power standard so we don't end up with the minecraft EU/Mj/BP/teslagigglewatt scenario. Then people can call it whatever they like in their steampunkfantasyCRYSTALPOWER mod but it just comes back to 1 energy unit please.

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