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  1. well bugger http://vs.usagi.com.au/mod-bv-ezspear/
  2. The last few weeks have seen crocodile, elk and domestic pig added to the models i've prepared for vintagestory.
  3. Pretty big update today (I usually add a model or two per week but I've just packaged a bunch at once). If you aren't here modding VintageStory why not ? Bring my models to life !
  4. Adds a new spear clay mold so you can cast spearheads as well as forging them. Crafted like any other clay mold. - spearhead clay mold model
  5. Small update. Improved the GUI appearance for some items. Warscythe now fully textured.
  6. Adds a few new weapons to the game. They're not necessarily balanced (probably underpowered if anything) but they're new and shiny. http://vs.usagi.com.au/bunnyviking-weapon-mod/
  7. Im not one of the neolithic devs but 1.9 release is 'very close'TM so i'd assume they're waiting to see if there are any relevant changes before updating.
  8. I've released my first entity... the armadillo ! Check it and my other models out at vs.usagi.com http://vs.usagi.com.au/index.php/2019/02/09/armadillo/
  9. Updated all models to v1_01 - they're now in a sensible folder structure and a separate texture download is not necessary.
  10. Hey all, I mostly hang out on the VS discord rather than here but i've been working on some models for VS that modders are free to use. You can find them here: http://vs.usagi.com.au/ Feel free to leave feedback on the site or find me on the discord server. ( @tenabrae#0610 )
  11. Id just like to see a common power standard so we don't end up with the minecraft EU/Mj/BP/teslagigglewatt scenario. Then people can call it whatever they like in their steampunkfantasyCRYSTALPOWER mod but it just comes back to 1 energy unit please.
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