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  1. concept variant - player makes chest with sale contents. makes magic lock that requires (cost of items in chest) to open owning player can use the lock to either open the chest (destroying the lock) or recover the price if its been paid (also destroying the lock) this is obviously for single-sale or organised trade.
  2. Oh I get that you only need the gear once, but the vending machine only sells one item right and you can't change that item ? So if you decide you want to charge coal instead of iron you'd need a new machine same as if you want to sell oak and pine, each needs a different machine
  3. Thematically im totally ok with a clockwork trading box I think the problem you'd have code-wise is storing the trades in a database or whatever since you might have a lot of them at once (especially in terms of future proofing). Otherwise the trader code obviously has the basics for give thing to thing and get other thing in return. Conceptually requiring a temporal gear per item you want to trade might be a bit excessive, especially as translocators become more of a thing. Perhaps make the gear part of the cost of building the vending machine and have it output a few machines per craft.
  4. My list of buff/debuff ideas Buff/Debuffs for generic effects Rather than have specific effects for a lot of things, you can have generic effects and combine them... e.g. if you're cold you might take small health over time & movement speed penalty There are plenty more you could add (like lucky to give better loot or whatever) but this is a list of things I think are relatively essential for json modders to be able to add to make magical potions, tech stuff, and some world changes (like gravity). Health over time - poison (-), sickness (-), magic (+/-), being on fire/lava/etc. Movement speed - weight, bulk, gravity, magic, strength Jump height - gravity, strength Ignored by AI - invisibility, animal scent (hunting), wind direction ? Attracts AI - strong meat smells, lures, injury Repels AI - fire, smoke, repellant salves/plant Resistance to damage types - mostly magic but could also be being soaked = resist fire Suffocation - this could be a state rather than just an effect of certain terrain types, thus it could easily be added to gasses, weapons, traps Suffocation immunity/resistance - magic or technological, maybe wet cloth over mouth for minor resistance to some types if you wanted it granular but probably too far. Flight - magical or technological Immobile (cannot move) - magical, poison, trap, etc Dazed (wobbly drunk style) - magical, drunk, poisoned Radiant (casting light) - magical, technology, wearing an illuminating item
  5. Updated to 1-01 - fix orientation on place
  6. Adds a cupboard and a labelled cupboard to the game that store 30 items. http://vs.usagi.com.au/bvcupboard-vintagestory-mod/
  7. I'm going to work with novocain to hopefully add more instruments and put in a proper playing method (or variant on the current method) and maybe add chords and a proper sustain for the flute. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. I've also uploaded to the mod to my website and made a video http://vs.usagi.com.au/musical-instruments-mod/
  9. Im finding it pretty hard to get rid of objects and would love some sort of trashcan option or item deletion mode to get rid of the excess of thing like stone that you pick up all over the place. Barring that at least some kind of trash can object we can have that deletes things you place in it. Keep VS clean !
  10. Just a copypasta of a chat in the discord about quarrying options. tenabrae (BunnyViking)Today at 4:18 PM How do you make a quern ? or more accurately, how do i make the granite stone to make the quern ? StroamToday at 4:18 PM break every block around the stone MarcAFKToday at 4:18 PM mine out a stone so theres nothing touching it tenabrae (BunnyViking)Today at 4:18 PM ah ok that is not intuitive as a process StroamToday at 4:19 PM it's a tribute to TFC MarcAFKToday at 4:19 PM Yeah. Maybe we need a tool specifically for quarrying whole stone. tenabrae (BunnyViking)Today at 4:19 PM yeah the manual just needs to say how its done since its not technically a drop from stone it isnt mentioned works though MarcAFKToday at 4:27 PM Hmm. Really would be slower than just mining out ever sorrounding rock. tenabrae (BunnyViking)Today at 4:28 PM yeah even at its most efficient its costing 5 rock to make 1 rock and then you could only get... 3 ? out of that setup before you'd have togo again could actually be a good use for the chisel, get a rock with nothing on <x> sides and you can chisel out the block instead of using a pick to mine it MarcAFKToday at 4:31 PM Bore holes into the block with an iron bar and a hammer, drive in wedges, or wooden wedges which are expanded with water. You would need to go every surrounding face, ... maybe have the block being worked on display the process being done on every connected face, and take longer the more faces are connected. tenabrae (BunnyViking)Today at 4:31 PM yeah basically some other system that makes sense and works in the game balanced MarcAFKToday at 4:32 PM Then you only need to take the tool to one block and mine it out with the game taking longer depending on how many faces are connected you don't have to think about it tenabrae (BunnyViking)Today at 4:32 PM yup, and it i means cobble isnt the obvious choice for building materials, you can take the time and get a nice material through effort rather than rote gathering MarcAFKToday at 4:33 PM Ah hell. ok at best you're looking at like 2-3 blocks mined out every stone you end up with. How about make the chisel give you 4 stone bricks?
  11. well bugger http://vs.usagi.com.au/mod-bv-ezspear/
  12. The last few weeks have seen crocodile, elk and domestic pig added to the models i've prepared for vintagestory.
  13. Pretty big update today (I usually add a model or two per week but I've just packaged a bunch at once). If you aren't here modding VintageStory why not ? Bring my models to life !
  14. Adds a new spear clay mold so you can cast spearheads as well as forging them. Crafted like any other clay mold. - spearhead clay mold model
  15. Small update. Improved the GUI appearance for some items. Warscythe now fully textured.
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