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  1. Me too, I voted auxiliaries for mod stuff
  2. DrTenabrae


    http://vs.usagi.com.au/bvbows/ BVbows This mod adds 3 types of bow to vintagestory which use a rough approximation of historical composite bow construction techniques. It also adds 4 new types of arrow based on late 15th century case hardened arrows. Bows ⦁ Will use vanilla arrows or the new arrows. ⦁ Composite Shortbow - Does about twice as much damage as the vanilla bow. ⦁ Composite Recurve - Does about triple as much damage than vanilla: it will OHK a wolf with a clean short range shot. ⦁ Composite Longbow - Does about four times the vanilla bow. It will OHK anything* with a clean short range shot, and any animal at long distance. *I didn't actually test nightmare drifters so maybe not _anything_ Arrows ⦁ The arrows included in the mod can only be made with varieties of bronze or iron. ⦁ Arrows do slightly more damage than vanilla arrows. ⦁ They break slightly more often (should be roughly 40% breakage) ⦁ They craft in 4s so with the arrowhead mold (below) it shouldn't be too onerous to make if you have the materials. ⦁ Arrows can be used with the vanilla bow Extras Arrow Mold Clay mold that will create 9 arrowheads at a time. Target Butte A decorative shooting target for your archery contests. Ingredients & Construction Ingredients Hide Stock (barrel) - Created by soaking a small hide in water for 24 hours Limed Hide (barrel) - Created by soaking Hide Stock in Lime Water Hide Glue (firepit) - Created by cooking Limed Hide in a fire for 60 seconds Hide Glue Portion (barrel) - Created by combining Hide Glue and water in a barrel Bow Laminate (unglued) (grid) - Grid crafted with planks, bone and hide pelt (of any size) Bow Laminate (barrel) - Created by soaking Unglued Bow Laminate in Hide Glue for 8 hours Bow (grid crafting) Shortbow requires 4 bow laminate, flax twine, chisel and a saw Recurve requires 6 bow laminate, flax twine, chisel and a saw Longbow requires 12 bow laminate, flax twine, chisel and a saw Arrows (grid crafting) Arrowhead, stick, feather, honeycomb, flaxtwine and fat Target Butte (grid crafting) Grid crafted with linen, hay and plank. The future: - If someone who can code would like to work with me I would love to have a bow class with more flexibility so the different bows could have different velocities, draw speeds, aiming qualities, etc. - I'm also looking for someone who can add some conditionals to both bow and melee weapon damage so we can have modifiers vs. certain enemies (so for example we could give bows bonuses vs. animals so they're great for hunting yet not OP for other combat) You can check out my VS content at http://vs.usagi.com.au
  3. Yeah the modding wiki has got a bit left behind sadly. If you want to develop this further it'd be cool if you integrated it into the custom world menu so people could choose on world creation how much to boost different things by (there's already boosts for copper and tin in the core game so you'll have an example to work from)
  4. Nice. As has been mentioned, you might want to change your default keybind as 'P' has been used by VSHUD forever. 'O' maybe ? Tyron has talked about putting in a skill system before and reaction was mixed so it'll be really interesting to see how the community react to having one available.
  5. Ah you've finally done what modders have been promising for years, build a better bomb edit - rock blasting bomb should probably do dirt. edit 2 - I highly recommend learning how to use your mod domain properly, rather than copying game content you can just reference it with the game: prefix you could build your entire mod in the mod domain so it doesn't conflict with any other mods.
  6. DrTenabrae

    RPG Mod

    Word on the street is that the mod is currently being updated. But that's a rumour so YMMV.
  7. the teeth of locusts. no seriously, dragons teeth, but locust themed.
  8. Looks like I uploaded this but never posted it. Adds bamboo stakes, palisades and 'locust teeth' as static obstacles. Go slow in fields of pointy things Palisades still need code to rotate them but otherwise everything is functional. http://vs.usagi.com.au/download/bvfortification/
  9. I would like to see them stack like cannonballs (pyramid stacking) Alternatively requiring a cage / box / net for stacking, maybe sticks and vines if it's at primitive level. I'd like stone cairns too but I think they're more a cosmetic than a practical stone stacking solution.
  10. Yeah you're right that power attacks could take a similar role to damage types. I like the idea of coming equipped for the job though, if you're going locust hunting be ready to smash armour, if it's food hunting a bow or spear. More enemy types will make that more relevant, seems like the corrupt enemies will all be metal. You can have multiple attacks now on enemies,the problem is they're more time based than probability. With bear I had to give the rake attack a large cooldown or it would small it alongside the normal claw. The system also has a time before damaging so you could already animate in telegraphing. I agree on different actions as well, wolf howls could bring other wolves that are nearby or if the player has killed some of the pack but keeps chasing them perhaps they could increase the chance of more wolves spawning as they flee. Locusts could slow or trip you, I'm sure we all get the idea. But overall it's definitely an AI thing in my mind... Better, not stronger enemies.
  11. Lets take an example of the two direct enemies we currently have in the game. The drifter is a mindless zombie, it just wants to smash. It does mid range damage but is slow and easy to escape or avoid. The wolf is is a berserker, it rushes, does massive damage, and while it doesn't outrun you entirely, the slightest hitch in fleeing (bumping into an edge, tree,rock) and it will catch you. Drifters are ok (the basic drifter) ... they won't murder a new player in one hit, they are a threat in a group. They're predictable and give you the impression of jerk enemy who is super annoying but for a veteran player, even in early game, they're not a big deal. The wolf is nuts, an early game player who doesn't pillar or immediately flee is straight dead. Little short of an iron sword will kill a wolf before it kills an anurmoured player, and if there are multiple, you're dead. How do we make the wolf a better opponent ? Do we give the player armour that ignores much of the wolf's attack, then boost the wolfs damage to compensate ? ... We shouldn't... lets say no. Do we make the wolf a more interesting enemy ? Wolves are pack hunters so we spawn them in packs. A dog bite is pretty savage but also not that easy for a dog to accomplish against an aware opponent... so lets give wolf _2_ attacks... a good damage bite, it has a long animation, maybe you can avoid it. and a lower damage claw/body slam, this is fast but hurts less. perhaps it slows the player briefly so another wolf can get the bite in. wolves are smart, they dont want to fight dangerous opponents when a wolf gets damaged it backs off briefly instead of continuing its berserk attack when a wolf gets killed, the rest of the pack run if the player pursues the fleeing wolves they return to the attack, no one wants to be run down like a dog (ha!) Wolves do not like fire A player with a torch in their active hand can swing it to make the wolves back off. As long as he wields the fire he's fairly safe. Attacking the wolf with a torch may get it to flee (depenging on how many there are) Now the wolf is a lot more interesting, its still a threat, that bite is nasty but you might get lucky and avoid it. --- Generic combat improvement We now have damage types as well as damage ranks (boo!) Some enemies should be more or less vulnerable to types of damage. Great you have a sword, rock golem doesn't really care how often you slash or stab it, did you bring a hammer ? Soft slow animal does NOT like getting pierced, hunting meat, take a bow or spear. Wolf is pretty agile, it's not too worried about your hammer or bow, they hurt but can be avoided, that sword is pretty fast and hard to see though, poor mr wolf. Rock/paper/scissors is a universal concept that is pretty easy to implement. It won't fit all situations sure... that rock golem probably doesn't care about much at all but if you have the durability even a dagger will grind it down eventually... but its HARDER than using the right tool. Similarly, massive bear or charging ram don't really care about your armoured body, they just want to smash you, smash you good ! You'd be better off running, or dodging. Don't wear a brigandine to a bear fight.
  12. @Jozsef Drum - Yeah The digging in 7DTD is pretty satisfying (or at least still was back in a12 or so last time I checked in on it). Ive played a few games using that technique... which is basically metaballs between vertices in the world. You get those odd tiny bits floating in the air sometimes but for the most part it looks and 'feels' good.
  13. Updated to 1.03 fixes correct shape in 1.11.rc5 added language file
  14. I get this as well, a solution might ultimately be to turn them off when they player moves over a certain speed (as an option) ?
  15. Fairly simple mod that adds locust lamps (not lanterns) made from quartz, junk, and a locustdiode which can be dropped by locusts. http://vs.usagi.com.au/bvlocustlamp-locust-powered-lighting-for-vintage-story/
  16. me either... i had to lose about 14x21... 294 tera preta on chrometech when I wanted to move my farm.
  17. I personally use CC4 for my general releases which allows people to do pretty much whatever they like (including commercially) with attribution. And then on the occasion the VS team want something i've done I gift them the item with CC-0 (which removes attribution so there's no license conflicts with anything else)
  18. That nocubes mod is basically applying the "marching cubes" technique... which can result in some very odd results. I'm not entirely against it, but one of the issues with something like that is you never know what result you're going to get at runtime, and you have to distinguish which blocks will be affected by it. You dont want a player's sexily crafted altar to become a blocky marble hillock. Voxels are so ubiquitous now that I dont think 'voxel game' means 'minecraft' anymore... it's the whole thing... 3d voxel building game = minecraft even though it really shouldn't... space engineers is a 3d voxel building building game but no one would say it's 'minecraft in space'
  19. you're definitely not the only one who wants this
  20. I think the two main suggestions on discord were it's a 0% nutrient when you place it (this would affect all moved soil) or you only get a block back when the tilled land is at 100% nutrient (so you're essentially 'preparing the soil for transport'
  21. I got sick of not having a nice icon for my data folder shortcut and also made a new VSMC icon that better matches the game icon http://vs.usagi.com.au/custom-icons-for-vintagestory/
  22. The animals are really dangerous. The common tactic is to pillar up 2 blocks so they cant hit you and kill them from there. If you don't want to pillar, thrown spears are quite effective. You can also throw rocks, which kill a wolf in about 9 throws (rams take forever with rocks). Animals are also dumb so you can lead them into pits or other traps (think Ark trapping if you've played Ark)
  23. The drop rate on temporal gears is awful. When you needed one to set a spawn it was ok... now we need 3 at a time it's insufficient. Now that we can't carry enough food to explore long distances we need translocators. The game has changed, for anyone who doesn't want to just sit in their base all day, temporal gears are now a necessity.
  24. Can we get another source of temporal gears ? Traders selling them more ? Locusts or locust nests having a drop chance ? Something we can more reliably farm than drifters (locusts having them would also give us a reason not to destroy their nests and come back later... which if there's a mechanic for locusts spreading eventually......)
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