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First Water Physics (v1.0.9)


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Watered Vintarians
We've completed our first version of water physics, which means water can flow and spread now.
Version 1.0.9 is now available for download in the account manager.



  • Feature: Water now spreads, can have different height levels and has a flowing animation
  • Feature: New command .liquidselectable - toggles whether liquid blocks should be selectable like normal blocks
  • Feature: Added WorldEdit move commands to move around selected areas
    • /mmu [length]: Move selected area by length blocks (if length is not supplied length will be 1)
    • /mmd [length]: Same for down
    • /mmn, /mme, /mms, /mmw: Same for north/east/south/west
    • /mmby x y z: Move in by given x/y/z length
  • Feature: Fly Axis Lock: Allows locking the X, Y or Z axis to e.g. allow hovering over a landscape in a fixed height.
    • .lockfly [0-3]: 0 = no lock, 1 = x-axis lock, 2 = y-axis lock, 3 = z-axis lock
  • Tweak: Improved Font rendering quality (now correctly overlaid with premultiplied alpha masks)
  • Tweak: Drastically improved performance when selecting large areas using /we ms and /we me
  • Tweak: Worldgen generates some more caves
  • Tweak: Breaking cacti blocks breaks any cacti blocks above
  • Tweak: Lanterns now can also be attached to ceilings
  • Tweak: Added california poppy to world generation
  • Tweak: Reduced walking speed by 25%
  • Tweak: Cloud Layer position is now relative to the total world height
  • Fixed: Worldedit Airbrush tool not allowing large brush sizes
  • Fixed: Flying not possible in spectator mode
  • Fixed: Game not remembering the last active hotbar slot 
  • Fixed: Player not able to pick up multiple itemstacks from the ground
  • Fixed: .cam load crashing the game when no points supplied
  • Fixed: Rendering glitches with FPS graph (didn't show at all on some machines)
  • Fixed: Hopefully somewhat reduced the unknown blocks appearing for a single frame when building/breaking
  • Fixed: Several rendering glitches with water
  • Fixed: Day/Night transitions speed 0 on new worlds
  • Fixed: Topsoil block underside showing grass
  • Fixed: Some blocks dropping white particles instead of their block colors
  • Fixed: Added all missing block translations

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