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  1. I agree that, at the moment, there is no reason to use the watering can. The Minecraft-style irrigation is a bit OP and feels like autopilot for the farming system. Personally... I'd just remove it for now. Rainfall and watering cans are plenty.
  2. Nice! I'm a sucker for item piles. Please implement as many in-world piles as you like.
  3. Weird, I only just complained about no bees when I went to bed last night...
  4. If only it wasn't so darn processing intensive to simulate fluids in a cubic grid. Then again, we live in the era of Ryzen and threading! I'd like to work on something like this but I haven't learned the modding API at all yet.
  5. Hm. I hate to bring this up again, but I had another possibly strange experience with this bug (or maybe a cousin of it) coming back to haunt me. I was playing multiplayer, ate a meal, and I guess I was just barely not hungry enough to eat it all. I placed the bowl on the table, and it said 0 servings. Maybe this is just a decimal thing, I presume the portion remaining is only represented as one decimal place. So if the portion remaining is very low, like 0.01, it will show as 0. Hard to say if this was a bug or just a formatting issue. Perhaps the remaining portion should be shown as a percentage? Don't know! Unfortunately I wasn't around to see this bowl consumed, but I'm assuming someone was able to eat it without issue.
  6. I know the post is a bit old, but "world options" are still high on my want list as well. See a game like Zomboid as reference. It should almost be illegal how many world options you can configure in that game. Would also severely reduce the need for modding in many instances (if you just wish certain entity spawns were higher/lower, wanted to alter day or night length, etc.)
  7. I have to say, all this time I've played Vintage Story (which is quite a lot)... Never once seen a bee hive. I've possessed 2 honey combs total in like 100 hours of play since the bee update and they were from a vessel. Never made a candle. Sad!
  8. If armor were added to Vintage Story, I'd like it to be done... let's say, intelligently. Moderately high cost sink, and wearing it has drawbacks as well as benefits. That's how I tend to think of a lot of systems in Vintage Story - you have options, but options aren't always clear upgrades. They're situational upgrades. For instance, to make torso armor, you'd probably have to use multiple ingots and bang out 2 torso plates, and connect them with leather. Then, when wearing it, probably suffer some sort of move speed penalty so that you're trading nimbleness for being able to take blows. Then perhaps offer as the only way to repair armor, having to put it back on your anvil and bang out dents, but maybe even put a limit on how much you can do that before the armor is just too far degraded. For instance, some kind of system where armor has a set durability, and as you take damage from wearing the armor, the armor becomes beaten up and provides less defense, and loses durability. But also, make it so beating the dents out and restoring its defense rating ALSO reduces its durability. So you can't just keep fixing a piece of armor indefinitely, because combat AND repeated repair is slowly chipping away at its durability. As for the current way of cheesing combat where you can sit on top of a short pillar and attack things, I think a quick fix would be that if enemies can't path to where the player is standing and the player is more than 1 block above them, they should disengage to force you to come off your perch - maybe not full-on run away, but refuse to get close.
  9. I think it'd be nice if we could get block connectivity for tables, so that we can place multiple tables together and have them visibly join without excess table legs.
  10. IMO this problem isn't a problem. It's only a problem with people who don't understand the game, oversimplifying what it is. TerraFirmaCraft will forever be bound by the inherent limitations in Minecraft, and since Minecraft almost never evolves under the hood, TFC will forever be hamstrung and marred with Minecraft's deep engine flaws. The game can't even keep up with other versions of itself - Minecraft for Windows 10 runs substantially faster at drastically higher draw distances and implements all the same features. When I heard about Vintage Story, I bought it almost instantly because I knew the implications of a standalone game based roughly on TFC, made in C#, with mod support (many people forget, Minecraft to this day doesn't actually support mods - all mods require interim jar hacks/injections, like Forge or Bukkit, a mess that splinters the player base). It runs better, it looks better, it plays better, and it's gotten more attention to detail in less than a year than Minecraft still has in a decade. I also need to emphasize that the marketing push was positive, despite the negative "it's a clone" responses - I bought the game because of it, I then convinced a friend to buy it, and I may have convinced yet another person to be buying it soon. As a programmer, I recognize good, well thought out game design, and I want to make sure it's rewarded so it doesn't go away. I'll do a lot to make sure this game doesn't go away - it's way too promising.
  11. If you eat from a bowl that's placed in the world and you're not hungry enough to eat all of it, it doesn't seem to remove partial portions correctly. However, it does work correctly if I hold the bowl in my hand and eat it that way. I was seemingly able to eat from the bowl unlimited times while it was in-world. Once it even showed as "0 servings", so that was strange.
  12. Honestly I think the "right" answer to little fiddly bits like questions of season length, year length, crop growth rates, etc. are that these values should simply be modifiable prior to creating a new world. Games like Minecraft really throw away a lot of potential customization by not letting players dial in parameters without full-blown modding the game. Think of a game like ARK, or Project Zomboid, where you have tons of variables you can edit to tweak the survival experience exactly the way you feel it's balanced, with the defaults just being the "suggested" way to play. For instance, right now I feel like getting and storing a lot of food is still a little too easy, even after the spoilage update (though the spoilage update is, on the whole, awesome). But rather than have the defaults changed for everyone, I'd like to just have control over the values.
  13. I need to chime in here and say I'm glad graphics are given some extra thought occasionally. To make the obvious comparison, it's always been odd to me that Minecraft still looks as ugly as it does when they've been able to afford to hire great pixel artists to give the game a face lift, whereas Vintage Story looks beautiful right out of the box. So, I greatly appreciate the attention to the art/graphics. I really have no desire to ever go seeking a texture pack for VS because it looks so good already.
  14. I just had a really quick and easy quality of life suggestion regarding searching the handbook. I noticed that sometimes if you search for something, great example is "hammer", you get a massive list of all the nuggets in the game BEFORE it shows actual hammers/hammer heads. I think this is probably because the nuggets have "hammer" in their description, which is fine, but when searching the handbook I think we can all agree that names should be prioritized before descriptions.
  15. In my opinion, to make the blacksmithing feel "cooler", even just increasing the rate at which pieces cool off would go a long way. I'd like to see that implemented ASAP. As others have said, I've never, ever had to put anything back into the fire before. Don't get me wrong, it's great that we have to bang tool heads out at all - makes having the tool feel like a much nicer reward, but I think we could push the "work" required to make one just a little bit further. I mean, the metal tools last a long time anyways, so I think adding another 30 seconds of "work" to the process of making one isn't a huge ask. Not sure about the huge overhaul in general, but I'd definitely like to see the "more strikes = lower quality" and changes to cooling implemented at least as a start. Then we could play around with that and see how it feels, and see if we need to go further. I wouldn't make the time it takes to bang out a piece affect the quality though - take as much time as you want to figure out how to smash the shape out in as few strikes as possible, makes it more cerebral and like a puzzle.
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