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  1. I'm using filezilla, and I'm unsure how to install the server files into it remotely. I'm connected through FTP, do i just replace the core files? Is there something I'm missing?
  2. Polkhearth as a society has grown far past expectations. The men appear to have organized structures for crafting, storage,windmills. They have enough stock to open for business and help expand its current borders. Join us as we take our first steps in the world of the unknown in search for economic friendships. Maybe you've encountered a few of our traders about? Well!— come see our full inventory stocks and show cases. Just know, items on sale are rotated at appropriated time spans. Admins are in complete survival (have been since day one!) and have a strict rules in place to insure a safe game fun and fair game. *Theft of items,personal property, and vandalism will end in a ban. *Pvp only can happen in an agreement made specifically by the players themselves. Three more cities will be built in this world, as it will be the world of a book I'm writing. Orlandriel needs to be built but is by no means required. But if someone is willing we can allow you mayor of a city. Or start your own! Is anyone interested?
  3. Even the goat in the backs like, dang, that's sweet fur dude.
  4. This game is my overall favorite game right now, can't wait to see it develop. You've done a great job so far, keep your health up bud thanks for all the updates as well.
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