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  1. Agentwolf

    Various Bugs On Mac

    Ok. I dont want to refund. Lets find the Bug. The Problem is my english is not the best.
  2. Agentwolf

    Various Bugs On Mac

    @Tyron I created a video. Here you can see what i mean. Walking and interact without pressing a button.
  3. Are the player models final or will they be change in future?
  4. Agentwolf

    Various Bugs On Mac

    I use macOS Mojave on a Macbook Retina 2015.
  5. How many different biomes are in the game? I only see the one and only green biom.
  6. Agentwolf

    Various Bugs On Mac

    I have still the problem. Mousecursor is not on point. W,A,S,D, is hanging sometimes so the char is walking always in one direction. Its not playble.
  7. Do i need a perm connection to internet or can i play offline?
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