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  1. Hi everyone, I play mostly in single-player mode. In order to make travelling huge distances less tedious, I use trader carts as "fast travel" waypoints by manually adding a warp block in Creative mode every time I discover a trader, and then switching back to Survival. I would love to see a world option that allows trader carts to be used as a "fast travel" network. You could only fast-travel between trader carts that have been discovered. Especially in single-player mode, this would really be useful for exploring and trading and would take away a lot of the "grind" of travelling back and forth over huge distances. In my opinion, this should be an option that can be disabled, especially for servers. Have a great day!
  2. f33dback89

    Multiplayer survey

    I tried playing Multiplayer, but my schedule made it too hard to play regularly. IMO, multiplayer is only fun if you have time to play on a regular, predictable time period. Whenever I was unable to play for more than 1 week IRL, I basically had to restart my food supply from scratch. Also, one of my favourite features of the game is the progression of the seasons. Playing online (infrequently) made the season cycle completely useless as it was pretty much a random season whenever I rejoined the server. I love single-player! I also see the incredible potential of playing on a small private server with a group of friends with a regular play schedule (pausing the server when nobody is connected), I just haven't found a group to play with in such a manner.
  3. f33dback89

    Class survey

    I play almost exclusively in single-player. So Commoner is the way to go!
  4. Hi Benjamin, thanks for the response and the invitation! I'll send you a PM/DM for details. Cheers!
  5. Hello everyone! I am a new player (but experienced in TerraFirmaCraft) looking to get the best experience out of Vintage Story. I read that the game is at it's best in Multiplayer, but I have limited time to play due to IRL (job, family) and will probably be available only a few evenings per week. I would like to try a Multiplayer server, but would my "casual" schedule be frustrating (food spoilage, skipping seasons, etc.)? What length of day/month server settings should I look for? Do most servers expect you to have a lot of in-game hours? Thanks for your help and greetings from Canada! P.S. : I love the game so far and I looking forward to joining this friendly community!
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