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  1. I'm always interested, but rarely have the time^^ Ask away, and we'll see!
  2. Hey, I'm sharing with you this comic that I'm making! It's called "The Little Warrior", and it's a near-wordless, lonely search for meaning, with many rocks and mountains : https://thelittlewarriorcomic.com/comic/lpg0001/ I was just thinking earlier that it's just so in line with Vintage Story's aesthetics... there's even a page in which I directly drew inspiration from my survival world's home : So, I hope that if you go read it, you'll like it! https://thelittlewarriorcomic.com/comic/lpg0001/
  3. Hello, something like three months ago I tweaked the vanilla fox to make a cat, but never had time to make it a full-fledged mod, so I'm giving it away for anyone who would like to adopt it into their own mod. Not all animations are final, but there are some neat details : eyelids, pupils that can widen and narrow, a functional mouth and separate tongue, retractable claws. Hope you have fun! Cat.zip
  4. Not to mention, Seraphs are able to grab 1200°C crucibles with their bare hands, and eat 200°C food like it's pop corn! ^^
  5. I have come across a journal by panning bony soil, that tells how someone was trapped for years underground, not eating, digging bit by bit with their fingers... and once they reach the surface, they are physically "broken" : legs and fingers missing, no skin in places.... after reading this I couldn't help associating this with Drifters.
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