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  1. Update to 1.4.4, (fixes waypoints being sent with international decimals on machines where "." is ",")
  2. I need to get around to making an updated version, what I would really like is if it was client side only so it can be used on any server.
  3. A mod similar to Item Exchange from Minecraft which allows the player to create shop chests via chat commands, for use on multiplayer servers such as Abject Poverty Craft which have an economy centered focus. /ce [create|update|list] 2019-09-09 17-43-36.mp4 1.11.0-CollectibleExchange-1.1.0.zip
  4. A mod which replaces the UnstableFalling block behavior with a custom one which allows blocks to fall in more than one direction than down, also enables suffocation and drowning for all entities including the player. Caves can now collapse and leave behind gravel in their wake so either reinforce those blocks or use support beams Also be careful where you step as dirt gravel and sand can be triggered to fall just by idling too long on them Download: 1.11.0-BlockPhysics-1.0.19.zip
  5. There's a GUI in the mod that you can open with (default keybinding) 'p', which will allow you to type a name and press enter, there is not list of colors there yet but that is a planned feature.
  6. Please describe, did you get a specific error?
  7. Adds 3 playable instrument models created by tenabrae also known as BunnyViking at http://vs.usagi.com.au. To use them, you hold the instrument in your hand and right click, moving the view up and down will raise and lower the pitch of the instrument. Download: 1.11.0-Instruments Mod-1.0.11.zip
  8. DISCLAIMER: (DOES NOT MAKE WAYPOINTS FROM PAST DEATHS) A mod that adds a few more things to the client side of the game, a few main features right now are: Auto Death Waypoints, Floaty Waypoints, a measuring tool under .measure, .lightutil, a construction planner under .shape, and block placement previews so you know what those slabs are going to look like before you place them. There are a few default keybindings which can be changed in settings: U to show floating waypoints. O to cull automatic death waypoints. P to open Waypoint Utils GUI L to open Claims GUI This mod can be used on any server since it's a client mod. .wpcfg [dotrange|titlerange|perblockwaypoints|purge|waypointprefix|waypointid|enableall|import|export] General Config and import/export commands (from/to a waypoints.json file in the game directory) .measure lets you use a measuring tool .lightutil has some stuff relating to showing light level of blocks .pconfig [enabled|tinted] for block placement preview config. .shape [sphere|cube|circle|dome|path|clear|extrude|save|load] [radius (shape id for saving/loading) (from waypoint id for path)] [thickness (to waypoint id for path)] [attach (true/false)] for making outlines to aid in construction .obj exports an obj mesh file of the block or entity the player is currently looking at. .objworld [horizontal radius] [vertical radius] exports an obj of the world, does not have plant/water tint and grass coverage. Here's a screenshot of the floaty waypoints feature: Known Issues: The color list under the GUI gets misaligned when scrolled down. Other GUI Elements can break when there's more than 120 waypoints Should now be mitigated somewhat as long as waypoints aren't clustered close together, please report if it still happens Should be completely eliminated now. Download: 1.12.14-VSHUD-1.4.5.zip
  9. I have made a mod where you can hover over inventories, sort, and merge stacks by pressing "I" on your keyboard, holding shift will allow you to switch which ways your inventory is sorted, the currently implemented ways are as follows: Dictionary, ID, Code Downloads 1.9.10-SortingMod-1.0.14.zip Source https://github.com/Novocain1/MiscMods/blob/master/ItemSorting/ItemSorting.cs
  10. For those on the forum, I have been working in the background on my own mod that aims to take some of the features I missed from TerraFirmaCraft / TFC Addons / Vanilla Minecraft and put them in Vintage Story. It is still extremely early in development but current features that have been started and/or have prototypes are as follows: Thirst Bar Collapsing Caves With Supports Falling Of Blocks In All Directions Basic Season System Basic Temperature System Food As Damage Value Stacks Player Action Based Hunger/Thirst Loss Soil By Rocktype Ore By Rockgroup Graphite Removal Of Fireclay From Worldgen Stack Combiner Right click on a log with an axe. Sandwiches Cutting Board Right click on a log with a knife. "Beaches" More Berries Water Dripping Stair Corners MudBricks With Drying Mechanic https://github.com/Novocain1/TerraFirmaLike TerraFirmaLike_0.3.13.zip
  11. Several New Decorative Chest Textures To make them, you simply add any wood type to a vanilla chest. Chests+.zip
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