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  1. I agree, I'm not very good at explaining things so my documentation will be limited if not there at all sorry.
  2. A mod which replaces the UnstableFalling block behavior with a custom one which allows blocks to fall in more than one direction than down, also enables suffocation and drowning for all entities including the player. Caves can now collapse and leave behind gravel in their wake so either reinforce those blocks or use support beams Also be careful where you step as dirt gravel and sand can be triggered to fall just by idling too long on them Download: 1.11.0-BlockPhysics-1.0.19.zip
  3. DISCLAIMER: (DOES NOT MAKE WAYPOINTS FROM PAST DEATHS) A mod that adds a few more things to the client side of the game, a few main features right now are: Floaty damage UIs, .obj Caching/Creation, Auto Death Waypoints, Floaty Waypoints, a measuring tool under .measure, .lightutil, a construction planner under .shape, and block placement previews so you know what those slabs are going to look like before you place them. There are a few default keybindings which can be changed in settings: U to show floating waypoints. O to cull automatic death waypoints. P to open Waypoin
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