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  1. Yes, it seems to be a problem with the raycasting, I think putting a limit it could fix it.
  2. Added a dynamic disabler for previews depending on if the placement preview works or not, this should prevent related crashes. Use raycasting for floaty damage generation, so if you don't see the entity, you won't see its floaty damage.
  3. Any block which references a BlockEntity in a position that it's not spawned in yet during the placement of the block is broken with block previews right now
  4. I agree, I'm not very good at explaining things so my documentation will be limited if not there at all sorry.
  5. Look at assets/creative/blocktypes/slopetest.json The referenced .obj MUST have split triangles and only be made from triangles.
  6. latest updates to this mod are here https://github.com/abject-poverty/CollectibleExchange
  7. Update to 1.4.4, (fixes waypoints being sent with international decimals on machines where "." is ",")
  8. I need to get around to making an updated version, what I would really like is if it was client side only so it can be used on any server.
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