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  1. For those on the forum, I have been working in the background on my own mod that aims to take some of the features I missed from TerraFirmaCraft / TFC Addons / Vanilla Minecraft and put them in Vintage Story. It is still extremely early in development but current features that have been started and/or have prototypes are as follows: Thirst Bar Collapsing Caves With Supports Falling Of Blocks In All Directions Basic Season System Basic Temperature System Food As Damage Value Stacks Player Action Based Hunger/Thirst Loss Soil By Rocktype Ore By Rockgroup Graphite Removal Of Fireclay From Worldgen Stack Combiner Right click on a log with an axe. Sandwiches Cutting Board Right click on a log with a knife. "Beaches" More Berries Water Dripping Stair Corners MudBricks With Drying Mechanic https://github.com/Novocain1/TerraFirmaLike TerraFirmaLike_0.3.13.zip
  2. Several New Decorative Chest Textures To make them, you simply add any wood type to a vanilla chest. Chests+.zip
  3. Novocain 21 Eastern Standard Time. Yes
  4. Mechanical automation is cool and all, but the focus right now should be on survival mechanics.
  5. Personally, I believe the focus at this point in time should be things like seasons, nutrition, and skills which are a fundamental foundation to being anything like TFC.
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