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  1. Just a quick thank you. Started new world with 1.14.4
  2. I was thinking just a few minutes ago about how nice it would be to have a way to get salt via salt water. I always liked living near oceans and I have found that in this game I look for a building that has halite or limestone close by. Want to watch the sunsets over the ocean if I had a choice.
  3. Homesteading with fruit trees, wooden rabbit traps would be nice and fishing with both poles and nets. Honestly, whichever direction the team takes will be fantastic. Keep up the good work.
  4. Hi all Shino here. Old time recreational gamer. I'm 48 and love this game as it is much more my style for my IRL personality and passions. I'm in the US but I travel all around the world, or at least I did BP (before Pandemic). I've now had to stay and work from home for the last 9 months which is fine but I miss my friends overseas. I have been playing for about a month now, my son plays off an on with me but for the most part I'm solo.
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