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  1. Really people getting upset over potatoes..
  2. Well you must be new to the internet. Coz every roleplay server I've played on has either used the mumble mod or the other RP voice chat mod..not discord. And in other games it works fine.. but if no-one wants it then ye keep typing in global chat for everything I guess
  3. Come join the "vintage life server". Friendly community. Where people will give you a head start, advice share base, tool etc. and if your nice and ask the admin they will most likely give U a temp gear to help U get started. Look forward to seeing you there
  4. Ye good idea but how claims currently work. How would you grow your claim up or down? And there are many other claim functions you haven't taken into consideration..
  5. One thing lacking is no in game voice chat.. I know there are mods for this.. so would be great to have it in the base game..
  6. ye could repair durability, but ye in real life u cant just hit a piece of metal and it becomes a sharp blade. persoanlly id like to see a compete rework of the skills traits system, to incorporate skills that effect qulity and durability of items and such but maybe ive just been playing project zomboid too much.. lol
  7. also maybe a grindstone to sharpen tools
  8. honestly i would like to have a thirst option as well as the hunger, and add water to more recipes. im sure many people wouldnt like this, so make it a toggleable option? dunno this is a cool survival game, and drinking just makes sense to me.. maybe the longer you run the more thirst goes down faster or something.
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