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  1. Sure it may be a block building game, but that doesn't mean you have to play it as such all the time. This is a game after all, If I want to start a nomad horde with my friends to survive and thrive in our own way, then I will enjoy it. Raiding another group of friends for resources will allow us to continue to improve our playing styles. Plus why dismantle the farm? Leave it as a landmark.
  2. What if I want to play a nomadic lifestyle? While setting up a farmstead is nice and all, sometimes I just want to hop on a horse and live on the move, while I carry my stuff on another horse. Set up some fur tents or yurts for when you and your buddies set up for the time being. Or just raiding another group of players on horses, raining arrows onto them. Burning down the wood buildings. What I desire is for my friends and I to become a steppe horde, just roaming the plains and fields, raiding other peoples farms and just living on the move. Maybe one day my dream of laying siege to my friends castle will come into reality with some catapults. I don't know, just my thoughts and imagination.
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