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  1. How urgent do I need to find and start using copper and will I die during the winter if I don't find copper soon? Is it alright for me to stay in the flint age for an in-game year or two until I gain mastery of all the things I'm doing? I don't want want searching for copper to be my primary focus while playing the game, else it will turn into a burden and I'll lose interest. I'd like to play the game and enjoy it regardless if I find the rest of the 38 copper pieces or not.
  2. Has anyone had better luck panning for copper nuggets in the lakes and ponds versus searching for copper across the world? I've found 2 nuggets on the surface so far within the last 36 days. it could take me many weeks or months at this pace to get 18 more. Any suggestions?
  3. Your computer may have been multi-tasking at the time your launched Vintage Story... updating the operating system, running an anti-virus scanning service, optimizing (defrag) the hard drive, or other processes running in the background.
  4. Good day. Is it possible to use the Deadfall or Spike trap for larger animals like wolves? I was thinking I could use a trap and let it do its job while I focus on crafting and novice mining, I'm enjoying this mod greatly.
  5. This helps. Thanks
  6. My game save file loads in 12 seconds on my computer. If you have the right computer motherboard hardware and a bit of funds, install a Non-volatile memory express Solid State Drive ((NVMe SSD). It makes a huge difference in performance.
  7. I can open the journal using the :"J " key, however I'm unable to write any note therein so what's the purpose of the journal? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your help folks. I got it sorted out, it was just me not being acclimated to the game since 2019. I'm back to using my map with waypoint markers for resource.
  9. I've been away for a while due to the pandemic and started playing again since January 2020. I recall starting out that food was not that difficult to find like berries at least. I've updated my game to the most recent build version and I'm struggling to find ANY sort of food. I've only found three red berries in 90 minutes of real game play time after searching a very large part of the starting area. The game seeds that I'm getting using the default game settings are horrendous. I've died 3 times due to the lack of basic food. Was there an update that that nerfed or reduced food sources from
  10. Or you can change the hunger command calculus from an integer to a fraction like 0.01 or 0.001, etc. to slow it down a bit
  11. I found VS by reading an online article on the Digital Trends webpage titled "The best games like Minecraft" written by Jacob Roach on November 23, 2020. I played Life Is Feudal and the 'YourOwn' version and also Minecraft which I loved, but wanted a a better alternative with LIF elements. Also Minecraft Java edition has a horrible computing optimization as a basis and using 3rd party mods like Optifine to me is like jumping through hoops adding additional layers on top the game which wasn't designed great from the start. I'm quite happy I found this gem.
  12. How do you update the game after a new version is available? Do you uninstall the current version and install the new version or simply run the installer and it overwrites the existing game and binaries?
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