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  1. So the first few copper bits i found loose on the surface, there were surface veins under them, be the further i go south the more unlikely this is a thing. Is this a generation thing when you move further from spawn? or should i dig deeper? or am i just getting really unlucky with surface copper?
  2. -*facepalm*- i didnt realise there were two baskets, i was attempting to place the hand baskets. =, = I've been using the clay urns for storage this whole time lol
  3. I have yet to see bamboo yet either, I've traveled about two+ days in game so far, so maybe i just need to find a tanslocator.
  4. are you putting it on a shelf in a cellar? Im told Servers can go through years when you go AFK If you arent storing it in an optimal location. how long does it say it'll keep for when you place it on a shelf?
  5. Flax Twine is the first solution, Dragging it to your clothing. Linen Is the better solution made from 4twine Heres a link https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Linen
  6. @Bastez Copper related! I figured out how to find more copper!
  7. Okay i cant figure it out, but i dont know if its a mod or not. I keep seeing people putting baskets down and opening them, but i cant place a basket. Not a vanilla thing? or is but i suck at figuring it out ANSWER: was trying to place "Hand Baskets" not "Reed Baskets" hand baskets are ONLY backpack storage.
  8. i was actually expecting to need a needle or something for crafting linen, hopefully they figure out some more involved mechanics for that stuff, im betting they're trying to figure out how to paint pottery/clay, that would be fun. lol a little pottery wheel for spinning them as you paint haha. cute. but sometimes you just want to craft something and be done, so they could add things like looms etc for automation
  9. Same, my first runs of games all the way through are unmodded, i mean theres never a need to mod when you start a new game imo I've gone through two copper picks, but i still cant find any copper of metal veins, i,ve been aiming to get the anvil up, but only finding about 675 copper nuggets from exploration, making three picks a propic and a shovel, and the rest in the anvil, i've found no metal veins at all, every splunking expedition has turned up sandstone tunnels and some brown coal veins. I did find a trader trading gears for nuggets which was lucky, but he only has 4 stacks of 16
  10. Over all very fun. One problem i always have with minecraft is that once i got got somewhat bored. With this game i feel like the progression into metal is more intricate, and detailed, i love needing to do these processes like the Bloom Oven and caldron and casts, and eventually they help you make better and more advanced stuff to make building and processing raw materials easier. LOVE it. I started with a monster respite for 5 days while i learnt some basics of interface with the torches and campfires and where to find food. somewhat being a hoarder until i realised i cant do anythin
  11. Copper arrow heads too, since my character can only use them for trade, which is very rare in my world for some reason. (if i can trade them, havent found a trader who wants them yet.)
  12. I thought i remember hearing a streamer say you could remelt copper and bronze tool heads back into their liquid form?
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