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  1. I like this ide Doesn't need to be so fancy. I think one texture for dead and one growing and the normal/blooming one is good enough.
  2. when they update the inventory system they should think about adding durability to them as well i mean we got clothing that needs to be repaired now. if the durability gets low maybe there is a chanshe that items will fall out if the inventory. but you need a good balence here with the repaire funktion if you need to repaire it to ofen it will just get anoying and not a fell like a nice gameplay feature. i like the specelised bags for diffrent usege idea
  3. Thank you, that would be cool but the first winter will be really hard (not a bad think i like this game becaus its hard.)
  4. I agree that combustion engines, gas and oil are too advanced for this type of game
  5. In the road map it says Seasons and Seasonal Farming. but i fell like thats already implemented. I havent gotten to the winter yet in my world but i dont think i can grow crops when its that cold. So my question is what dose the developers what to add?
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