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  1. I voted for "Improved Trading Mechanics" as my second pick, because there was fast travel mentioned there and that's the feature I want. People tend to disperse, to have some space for themselves, then it so happens they are spread too thin to meaningfully interact with one another, so it's mostly single-player with chat, unless you are working on the same project.
  2. You can use a temporal gear (drifters rarely drop them as loot) to move spawn point closer to where you live. The best advice I can give you for food is that you need to live in a temperate forest. That's where you can find the most bushes and mushrooms. Not sure about wild crops, but I'm not complaining. Once you find some mushroom patches and fetch several berry bushes to your home, it becomes much easier to stay fed. In the long term, though, farming is the best.
  3. I think the game should be released on major storefronts only after it reaches a point in development, after most of it is already there. There's no need to hear people complaining about an unfinished game being unfinished or buggy.
  4. SCC

    The goal of the game

    To me, exciting would be something that gates some content behind a challenge that involves skill. Currently, while finding certain resources might be challenge, it is so on a basis that places emphasis on luck. You can reach the best of technology without purposefully fighting any creature and almost without traversing to any dangerous terrain (almost, because deep underground and certain climates might count, but again, it depends on your luck). Another thing it would help is that without PvP, you wait until you get the best armour and weapons with fighting enemies you don't have to, simply want to, because it's a high risk, low reward activity. Limiting the accessibility of better materials would increase the value and attractiveness of worse materials. Then again, making brigandine armour is a lot of effort and chain and plate ones are outright exhausting, forcing players to "waste" energy on creating obsolete items would be cruel. A game, by definition, does have a goal or an objective to achieve. Other than that, I don't really disagree, but I think that if your effort had a quantifiable meaning, if it made you progress towards achieving some even optional objective, it would have an external justification for existence. That you don't play the game just because you're bored, but to beat it or certain parts of it and get rewards. I don't think that this game being a sandbox and offering the player challenges are mutually exclusive features.
  5. SCC

    The goal of the game

    I know I can do things just because. I'm hoping that, at some point, my work is going to have a point, besides me being bored. Or just because tools wear down. While it is unavoidable and a decent push to do things (can't mine without a pickaxe), but it's a somewhat unsatisfying solution. I need to make a new thing, because the last one broke down. Desire to get better tools and weapons lasts only so long as well. Specifically, until you get iron. And even then, you don't strictly need metal tools, you only want them and most likely not more than one of each. To compare: what is more enticing? To do something, because it allows you to explore more content of the game, or because it gives you items with a bit better stats? To make something, because it potentially can give you benefits in other areas, or because you are bored? I don't want this some overarching plot immediately, I'm just curious if something in this vein is planned at all.
  6. I wonder, is there going to be some overarching goal to the game? Something to challenge players? At the moment, you can get most resources without putting yourself at a significant risk, though luck is an important factor instead. There are no challenges that you actually have to overcome to obtain copper, bronze or iron. Likewise, there are no challenges you have to face because you obtained those resources, no new regions you can travel to with your better weaponry and armour. There is no creeping enemy, either, who puts a time pressure on you, to advance by yourself. The result is that you don't advance the game to overcome some challenge or because there's an enemy you have to fight, but because you are bored, want to discover new things or just so. It feels somewhat not right. Once I get iron tools, I just keep going because... Well, because I worked so hard to get there, I better enjoy it? I get stuff just to get it, not because I want or need it.
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