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  1. Hey man I am sorry for making you upset, but I don't live in America and wasn't aware of this, I just researched this right now. I know that it might be considered a "meme" but meme or not I didn't know the backstory, so now I am going to have the title changed because even if I am a guy that likes having fun and making jokes, the point of this post was to help the developers and have discussions with other people, not to make fun of sensible subjects. I am deeply sorry for this, as I said I am going to change the title right away and I hope I didn't cause any more sadness, because that is against my morals and what I want to do. I hope your day will get better after the title change.
  2. The thing is, if players don't want to play with temporal storms, they can just disable them when creating a world or with commands. If I have it turned on, I want to engage with it, but I can understand that some people don't want that so they can just disable it. I also like the idea of rewarding the player and like caffeine9999 said, a good example is from the splendid game Terraria with the Blood Moon and Goblin Invasions and the invocation of certain events. Maybe drifters, instead of dropping the BORING flax, they could drop their heads for you to keep as a trophy, or drop their fangs for you to craft infected knives, maybe bone blocks for you to build with, and other cool stuff. A rewarding event could also be the "Golden Moon" which could be triggered by using a magical totem (Maybe crafted by the new drops from drifters) with which you could summon a "Golden Moon" where monsters don't spawn, crops grow faster, food spoils slower, etc. Also, I agree with caffeine9999 that there are too many coordinates, maps, and bla bla bla so that's why I usually disable them, but I think having the time of day, coordinates, temperature, etc. displayed in a more interesting and immersive way instead of just looking at them in the inventory would be pretty cool. Maybe craftable maps like in the Antique Atlas mod? Or I found this Vintage Story Clock Mod made by Rhonen which is exactly what I have been looking for. Anyways I love this game and I know the developers work hard on it and I surely hope they will try to make the Temporal Storms more fun! I appreciate your responses and I hope you are having a wonderful day!
  3. Oh I am sorry for replying so late, I forgot to specify that by making them "Great again" I meant making them how I used to play Minecraft with the mods specified down below because I liked the feeling of protecting my base and creating a small kingdom that I can protect, my bad.
  4. When you kill an animal and cut it with a knife to collect all the loot, the bone carcass doesn't spawn if you are on a farmland or smaller blocks such as slabs.
  5. When you hold shift and and then press right click in immersive first person mode, the camera will remain as if you were crouching, even if you stopped holding the crouch button.
  6. Gabitzu

    Small Bed Bug

    Two players can stay in the same bed, time doesn't advance and it looks very strange.
  7. Gabitzu

    Bluish Grass

    When exploring, I noticed that sometimes the grass can have a very weird bluish texture even though there are no blue plants or anything like that.
  8. When placing two doors next to each other it's very hard to connect them to open correctly and rough fence gates don't connect at all making two rough fence gates next to each other have a small hitbox in the middle that can be mildly annoying and visually, it just looks weird.
  9. So, I have a problem with Temporal Storms, they are not interactive enough. Like, I want players to feel that they accomplished something before the temporal storm began so they have a sense of being involved, instead of just hoping for the best or sleeping through it. I imagine if you didn't disable temporal storms in the game settings, that you don't want to just pass through it like nothing happened by sleeping, so my first suggestion is to remove the ability to sleep when the temporal storm is imminent. Second of all, I would like the player to spend some of their energy on: Building. I don't really like that players can just run around outside like headless chickens and not get hurt. So my suggestion here would be to make the player take damage outside so you need to have a roof above your head and at the same time, you have to protect it. Now, with the previous suggestion, there is a big problem, expectation. Players don't know when to expect a Temporal Storm, and therefore they can't prepare for it, so I would propose a small clock in the corner of the screen that shows the time of day, and how many days until the Temporal Storm is coming. To further enhance this feeling of preparation, a new group of items could come into play: Traps. Not only will traps such as: wooden barricades, spikes, fake grass coverings, etc. help you protect your residence from the pesky drifters, but there could also be implemented traps for animals so it makes it easier for you to catch and hunt them. Traps and baits for animals could be: small wooden cages, meat for bait, or grass and grains. Third of all, the drifters themselves can be a bit: Boring and Unpredictable. They might spawn in your cellar or even house so a proximity-based spawning rule would be greatly appreciated. To counter this and not make it too easy, drifters can feel your presence from further away and if you get hurt, drifters, wolves, or other animals can smell your blood and come to investigate. But what if you have a: Sky Base or Underground Shelter? Well, then drifters wouldn't be able to get to you, right? Not so fast. Another implementation would be so they are able to build or destroy blocks to reach you. They could also be smarter forming packs and climbing on each other to make sure they will get to you easier. Now, a lot of people wouldn't want their base completely demolished, so the drifters could only break some weaker blocks, and those blocks could be repaired by the player or better yet, regenerate themselves over time. Let's say you made Traps, Built yourself a nice base, but Chaos still ensues... Then, as your last resort, you could use Fire. Fire has been known to scare animals such as wolves, so why not make it that drifters and other animals are scared of fire and you can set them ablaze with your torch to ward them off? That would encourage players to always carry torches, chop lots of wood, collect sticks and make campfires to scare predators away. So, this is how I would fix the problem that I have with temporal storms, I took some inspiration from Minecraft mods such as Hostile Worlds: Invasions, Consecration, Trapcraft and the modpack Rebirth of the Night, so I hope you guys like the idea, and please share your thoughts down below. Thank you for your time, have a great day!
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