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  1. Are you sure you have the newest versions: 1.14.10 of the game and both xlib 0.5.0 and xskills 0.5.0? For me it seems to work now. Even on a server. Make sure that the server is also up to date. The "Unlearn skills aren't working properly" was a server error.
  2. You will get experience from cooking meals in pots. Not from cooking single items. I want to change this when i have more time to work on it.
  3. Do you use any other mods or made changes to the game files? I think this can happen when you have only xlib without any skills. You also need the xskills mod( https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/247) so that you have some implmented skills. I thought i already fixed this.
  4. I uploaded a small a small update that should fix the unlearn points problem. Also changed the experience gain when you blow up ores and stones with bombs. I reworked the durability abilities. You will now only get one durability back even if multiple blocks were broken. This is to prevent modded tools that are able to break multiple blocks at once to become unbreakable. This seems to be a version issue. Try to use the newest version of the mod(0.5.0) with the newest version of the game 1.14.10.
  5. Thank you for your suggestions. But this seems to be much harder to implement then the things i have done so far. I put it on my to do list and maybe add a it later. This one is on my todo list now, too.
  6. Hey, thank you for your suggestions. I add them to my list. My food related abilities list already has some entries. So at the moment it is more a matter of time.
  7. Do you all running the same and current version of the mods (0.5.0-PR3) on the clients and the server? It sounds like a server-client synchronization issue. I could not reproduce this on my test world. I found the issue. It will be fixed with the next update.
  8. It seems like i have to some tests with bombs.
  9. Do you play single player or on a server? Cause sometimes things seems to broke on multiplayer servers and i do not know why this could happen. Just want to know whether this could be one of these things. A blacklist seems a little bit laborious. I try to find another way to fix this.
  10. Can you please tell me which recipe(with ingredients) you mean exactly? Cause i just cooked something with fish and it worked perfectly fine.
  11. I changed the name of X Tool Switch to Xandus Inventory Tweaks and added the ability to change the number of items for some bulk item operations. I also uploaded the mod to the moddb.
  12. Hey, I uploaded a new version. Primarily to a fix a compatibility issue with QPTech. But i also added two new abilities and improved the ability unlearn system a little bit. I also added the abilities and skills guide to the handbook in the game for all languages. API: -Added OnTierChanged method to the Ability class. By default it just calls the OnPlayerAbilityTierChanged delegate if it exists. -Added the StatAbility class which is an easy way to create an ability that modifies a player stat. -You can now add the attribute "unlearnPoints" to every consumable ite
  13. I want to add things like this to the ingame handbook. I am currently working on this.
  14. Hi. I think this is a great idea. But at the moment i do not want to add things to the farming skill, because there will probably some changes to farming with the 1.15 update and i want to look how this tuns out before i add things that do not work anymore with the next game update or are implmented as a vanilla feature.
  15. I think increased accuracy is possible. I already thought about adding something like this. I do not recommend to change any values in the packed mod folder. But the mod creates a bunch of config files where you can configure a lot of values including every exp modifier and every value for every ability. You should take a look at the configuration section of the mod description. For temporal adaptation you gain exp for being in temporal unstable areas. You gain experience for the survival skill over time. But you lose some of this experience when you die.
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