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  1. Adding new weapons should work fine.
  2. What exactly is the issue?
  3. Sounds like something is messing up the block behavior.
  4. Has everybody on the server this issue? Have you tried whether any of the abilities works with soil? So does the digging speed effect triggers when you have the ability and dig up soil?
  5. Then it's maybe a server specific thing?
  6. Hi, do you have another mod that adds a behavior to soil blocks? Ok. I tried several things but at the moment i just can't reproduce this. I really don't know what could cause such a bug.
  7. Do you play on a server or singleplayer?
  8. It would be nice if i could access the file without signing in. Sounds like a coincidence.
  9. Ok. Did you now use Anvil Metal Recovery, too? They changed how the mod works for version 1.15 and that may broke something. But until know i haven't found anything that could cause such a problem. I would like to see a log file after this issue happened.
  10. I used the newest version.
  11. Strange. For me everything seems to work fine even with Anvil Metal Recovery enabled.
  12. Do you get experience for all other skills? Do you have the current version of the game and the mods? Do you have changed any configuration files? Have you tried it on different worlds?
  13. Have you tried it with all other mods disabled? I do not have the time at the moment to test every other mod for compatibility by myself.
  14. So you don't get any experience while casting tools or forging on an anvil?
  15. Thanks to your comment i noticed that the json files for the leaves moved in the base game. So i have to adjust this. Until then abilities related to leaves do not work.
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