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  1. Hey, i uploaded version 0.3.2 with following changes: Adopted Zaldaryon idea and implement a Crystal Seeker ability. It increases the effect of the ore miner ability for crystallized ores by 100%. Destroying leaves now also gives a little bit of xp for the forestry skill. This is also thanks to Zaldaryon. Abilities that affected leaves work now properly again. I think something was changed in the game files with 1.13 concerning leaves and i haven't noticed it until now. Bountiful ores are now affected by the mining skill abilities and you can receive experience by mining them. @Zaldaryon, your last idea also sounds interesting, but this one would be some more work to implement and until now i have no other idea to implement this than scanning the whole area around the player every now and than which could result in quite some load on the performance depending on how big this area should be. I will think about this idea and maybe will implement this in one way or another.
  2. Hi, i was thinking about this, too. But it is more complicated to influence these systems. But it has become more easy with the recent update. So i will definitely look into a smithing and maybe a pottering skill. But it will take some time to implement it. I also need enough ideas for abilities to justify a skill.
  3. Hey i uploaded a patch(0.3.1) so that this error should not crash the game anymore. But I couldn't reproduce this. Have you made any changes to the translation files or something like this? Additional the patch improved the effect hud. You can now switch between 3 modes: always show the hud never show the hud dynamic: only shows the hud if you are affected by at least one effect You can use the always show mode to move the hud around. You can switch the modes with the 'L' key by default. You can change this key in the ingame settings. It was also possible that a effect can glitch and become active endlessly. I don't know exactly why this happened but it should be fixed for now. I hope this will fix Aledarks bug report. As mentioned previously the patch also fixes a bug with the composting ability. The nutrients value tooltip should now update on the client.
  4. Hi Tarquinius753, thank you for your report. The ability works as intended. But the new values of the nutrients are not send to the client by the server. So it takes an other form of nutrient value change to show the effect e.g. a natural nutrients recovery step or a plant growth step. This will be fixed in the next update.
  5. Hi. Finally updated for version 1.13.2. Sorry, it took so long. I renamed Xleveling to Xlib cause it consists now out of two parts: the old Xleveling and a new EffectsLib that allows the addition of effects to an entity like buffs and debuffs. At the moment the XSkills mod uses this to add temporal mining speed buffs that you can get by using specific new abilities. I also tried some new things with the new harmony library that was added in the 1.13 VS update. This allowed me to at the new mining speed modifiers in the first place. [Offtopic] I probably will make some changes on how the effects work in the future but it should just work for now. Additionally i tried some other things with the effects like getting wet or hypothermia. And i thought about something like illnesses. But this all would be something for another mod.
  6. Hi, thank you for your report. I am currently working on a new version. This will also include some new abilities.
  7. Hey, can you give me some additional informations? Are any other mods installed on the server or the client? Make sure he is using the same versions on his client that is running on the server. It is difficult to fix something I can not reproduce.
  8. I Uploaded Version 0.2.1. It works with VS version 1.13.0-rc2. You can now configure the cooldown time and how many points you need to unlearn an ability. You can find the configuration file in the default ModConfig folder. You can now configure whether a player should lose earned experience points when he dies. This will not affect earned levels. By default the experience loss is zero.
  9. I Uploaded Version 0.2. But i have not much time for testing at the moment so it may contains bugs. Added 2 new abilities to the digging skill. Added a new temporal adaptation skill with 8 new abilities. It works together with the temporal stability mechanic of the game. Added a mechanic to unlearn an ability. You must activate the unlearn button in the gui and than click on a skill. This will decrease the tier of an ability. There is a cooldown to unlearn an ability. At the moment this cooldown is fixed at 5 ingame days. You also need points to unlearn an ability. At the moment you can get these points from drinking mead which can be made from honey in a barrel. Made a lot of internal changes to improve the api. Fixed the repotting skill. Fixed a bug with bombs. Fixed other small things.
  10. Hi, Thank you for reporting this bug. This should be fixed with the new update. The source code is not online yet. Maybe i will publish it later. Thank you for reporting this bug. This is fixed with the new update.
  11. Hi, i updated to Version 0.1.5. -Overhauled how the mod saves its data. -Is compatible with older versions. -Should fix save issues especially for multiplayer servers. -Allows skill sets to be shared between mulitple save games. -Use the command /skillset save [Your Custom Name] and /skillset load[Your Custom Name] to save or load skill sets. -Added mod compatibility for wild goblins. -The mod should work with soil gravity now.
  12. Hi, Thank you for your ideas. I already wanted to create Abilities that increases the loot but i had trouble implementing them. For changing the animal behavior i have to look more into the games source code. But i consider it.
  13. Hi, i will put this on my TO-DO list.
  14. Hi. Thank you for reporting this. There seems to be a save issue when you are playing with multiple players. I don´t know why but i investigate this currently.
  15. Hi. Have you any log files i can look into? I hear the first time of this issue.
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