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  1. I Uploaded Version 0.2. But i have not much time for testing at the moment so it may contains bugs. Added 2 new abilities to the digging skill. Added a new temporal adaptation skill with 8 new abilities. It works together with the temporal stability mechanic of the game. Added a mechanic to unlearn an ability. You must activate the unlearn button in the gui and than click on a skill. This will decrease the tier of an ability. There is a cooldown to unlearn an ability. At the moment this cooldown is fixed at 5 ingame days. You also need points to unlearn an ability. At the moment you can get these points from drinking mead which can be made from honey in a barrel. Made a lot of internal changes to improve the api. Fixed the repotting skill. Fixed a bug with bombs. Fixed other small things.
  2. Hi, Thank you for reporting this bug. This should be fixed with the new update. The source code is not online yet. Maybe i will publish it later. Thank you for reporting this bug. This is fixed with the new update.
  3. Hi, i updated to Version 0.1.5. -Overhauled how the mod saves its data. -Is compatible with older versions. -Should fix save issues especially for multiplayer servers. -Allows skill sets to be shared between mulitple save games. -Use the command /skillset save [Your Custom Name] and /skillset load[Your Custom Name] to save or load skill sets. -Added mod compatibility for wild goblins. -The mod should work with soil gravity now.
  4. Hi, Thank you for your ideas. I already wanted to create Abilities that increases the loot but i had trouble implementing them. For changing the animal behavior i have to look more into the games source code. But i consider it.
  5. Hi, i will put this on my TO-DO list.
  6. Hi. Thank you for reporting this. There seems to be a save issue when you are playing with multiple players. I don´t know why but i investigate this currently.
  7. Hi. Have you any log files i can look into? I hear the first time of this issue.
  8. Hi, yes the newest version of the mod is for VS Version 1.12.14. Normally you just put the two .zip files in the mod folder of the server. NOT the extracted ones. And then it should work. And of course you must add both files also on your client side.
  9. Great. Even when i don´t know how this fixed your problem. I couldn't reproduce it anyway. So i'am just happy that it now works for you. Not now. I am still working on the api and polishing stuff. I don´t want someone to create a skill and have to rework the whole thing because i changed a little thing.
  10. There you should find it: Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\ModConfig\XSkills\mining,json But you need to load a world first so it can create these files.
  11. Uploaded Version 0.1.4. - Added a config file for every skill where you can edit different values for abilities and you can add new ability tiers. - There is also a config file with a ore blacklist for the geologist skill as wished. - Improved the requirement system and added new abilitiy tiers that uses the this new capabilities.
  12. Hi. I thought i fixed this kind of errors with the latest update. I probably must test this with your mods.
  13. I plan to add configuration files for the next update. I keep this in my mind and try to add it.
  14. Fixed a bug causing that you needed two more skill levels than intentioned to increase an ability tier level. I am very sorry for this one. You only need to update xleveling for this. I also added a notification when you reached a new skilllevel.
  15. Released version 0.1.2. It contains 14 new abilities, bugfixes and i changed the default key to 'o' as suggested.
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