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  1. Can you give some additional information about when this happened?
  2. I tested it with both mods and had no issues at all. Vinegar is only an asset mod and it shouldn't affect this. But i tested it nevertheless. So i don't know why your game crashes. Make sure to use the newest version of the game and of the mods you use like @AstralVoid mentioned. When i upload a new version i always compile it with the newest version of the game. So it can cause issues with older game versions.
  3. Hey, for me everything seems to work fine. Do you have any other mods installed that maybe change how the bucket works or add other liquids or something like that? Cause the bug report is not very helpful unfortunately. The crash doesn't seem to happen in one of my functions. I know mead is a little bit weird. I wanted to created a way to 'forget' abilities and this is the one i came up with.
  4. You can reset all players by simply delete the save file, since the mod uses its own save files. You should find it here: "VintagestoryData\Saves\XLeveling\[World Name]" I will investigate this. The cooking skill only applies to meals. You will only get experience from cooking meals and the abilities only affect meals. So the simple cooking recipes are currently not affected. The reason for this is that the meals are technically implemented than the other cooking recipes.
  5. I will probably expand the existing commands to enable that.
  6. This is more a vanilla api question than related to the mod. But you should be able to get the worn armor with something like this: InventoryCharacter inv = byPlayer.InventoryManager.GetOwnInventory("character") as InventoryCharacter; ItemWearable head = inv[12].Itemstack?.Item as ItemWearable; ItemWearable body = inv[13].Itemstack?.Item as ItemWearable; ItemWearable legs = inv[14].Itemstack?.Item as ItemWearable;
  7. Uploaded Version 0.4.5. Seems i messed up a few things with my latest smithing optimizations. This patch should fix it and a few other thngs. And finally after 10.000 years i uploaded a small guide on how to create your own skills. Changes: -Added xml-documentation file for IntelliSense support to xlib. -You can now get metalworking experience from helve hammers, but you get a 75%[configurable] penalty on the experience. -Items now count as helve hammered when there were hammered once with a helve hammer. This is to prevent players from letting a helv
  8. Hey. I updated XToolsSwitch to version 1.1. XToolSwitch can now also switch other things than tools. It can switch various items and blocks. I added a config file where you can configure what item switches you want to enable. Let me know if you think i missed something importend that you want to be switched arround, too.
  9. It seems like this mod is not compatible with the current game version.
  10. This sounds like a good idea. I thought that XSkills would be compatible with this mod after 0.4.4 update. But i took a quick lock at his source code and noticed that it should be compatible with most abilities exept of the "Machine Learning" ability. Unfortly there is nothing i can do about it.
  11. No, i considered to make this a separate ability. But i thought it would make the whole smithing system obsolete and therefore would be a little bit over powered. I could limit it to a few recipes. But which one should i choose? So maybe this is one thing for the future.
  12. Hi, it should affect following abilities: "finishing touch", "heating hits", "duplicator" and "metal recovery".
  13. For some reason the requirements seems to be not loaded sometimes randomly. I really don´t know why this happens and at this point i am very frustrated about it.
  14. Hi, i uploaded Version 0.4.4 to be compatible with the newest 1.14.3 Version of the game. I primily changed the way how the metalworking skill is implemented to be more compatible with other mods that change how anvils work (like metal recovery) and hope that everything still works. And since i was already working on the skill i also made some performance improvements to smithing. -the metalworking skill should now be compatible with other anvil altering mods -optimized performance of smithing on an anvil(noticed that a 'performance heavy method' was called multiple times
  15. Until now i thought t is technically not possible or at least quite laborious. But i think i found a way to make it compatible with most anvil altering things. So i try to make it compatible. Thanks for the report. It should only spawn the animations but should have no other effect. This will be patched with the next update. Ok. Maybe it has. I will look into this.
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