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  1. I haven't planned it yet. What do you need it for?
  2. I don't exactly know what you mean. But the code that make the abilities actually work has to be written in c# code and be compiled. So it is stored in the dll file. You can not write such things in .json files. Quality affects the armor you craft with these plates.
  3. I finally added the final features i wanted to add to the 0.6 version of the mod. It took much longer than expected. Especially the compatibility with the Expanded foods mod took a lot time. But with the help of the Expanded foods mod author i think we managed to make it work. But i cannot test every recipe. So if you encounter some bugs (and there are probably some), please report them. API: -Changed the experience multiplier calculations. (global modifiers are now applied before everything else) -Global experience modifiers are no longer considered into the experience multiplier tooltip. -Added a log entry for loaded effects. -Improved the decrease/increase ability tier tooltip. -Added KnowledgeRequirement class and a Knowledge field to the PlayerSkillSet. -Can be used to make a requirement that requires a specific knowledge level. Balance: -The duration of the well rested effect now depends on the time you slept. Features: -Added support for lichen deers -Added support for medieval expansion aurochs -Added exp multipliers for classes from the Collaborative Classes mod. -Unified the way cooking abilities are handled. Made one method out of 3 (for fire pits, ovens, cooking pots). -Hopefully this will make it easier to add new cooking methods. -This may change the specific behavior. -Expanded foods compatibility -The cooking skill should now work with expanded foods ovens. -The mixing bowl should now work with cooking skills. -Expanded foods foods can now be affected by skills. -The soucepan should now work with cooking skills. -Rolling pins are now affected by the tool mastery ability (cooking skill). -Updated russian translation by @Jay_ -Added a quality tooltip to pies. Fixes: -fixed the class requirement names for the lightfooted ability -forged plates can now have quality -fixed behavior for leaves -hopefully fixed an inventory related crash that can occur when joining a server -fixed a crash that can occur when you harvest a henbox with the rancher skill
  4. I hope i will manage to update it tomorrow or at least this weekend.
  5. I consider to add this as a separate ability.
  6. I found the issue, Should be fixed with the next update.
  7. Do you have a crash report?
  8. Hi, du kannst in Fässern Met aus Honig herstellen, welches du zum Verlernen von Fähigkeiten benutzen kannst.
  9. It should consider all multipliers. The order shouldn't really matter, because the overall formula is something like: total damage = base value * first multiplier * second multiplier * .... Well, of couse it is a little bit more complicated than that.
  10. I think it is something like 30 times more damage. So the exact amount depends on the damage of the shovel.
  11. Xskils does not save any inventory data. The inventories are managed by the base game. I made a few changes to the source code that should prvent such a crash in the future. But i cannot upload a new version at the moment.
  12. Do you have any other mods that modify the player inventory?
  13. Strange. Does anybody on the server have the same issue?
  14. I made some testing and couldn't reproduce this yet. Does this happen for all players or just specific players? Have you tried it with only xskills/xlib enabled? Sometimes a specific combination of mods can cause an issue.
  15. I actually need you to release the version update first because my mod would use the methods i sended you to make things work. But i don't wanted to stress you.
  16. Adding new weapons should work fine.
  17. What exactly is the issue?
  18. Sounds like something is messing up the block behavior.
  19. Has everybody on the server this issue? Have you tried whether any of the abilities works with soil? So does the digging speed effect triggers when you have the ability and dig up soil?
  20. Then it's maybe a server specific thing?
  21. Hi, do you have another mod that adds a behavior to soil blocks? Ok. I tried several things but at the moment i just can't reproduce this. I really don't know what could cause such a bug.
  22. Do you play on a server or singleplayer?
  23. It would be nice if i could access the file without signing in. Sounds like a coincidence.
  24. Ok. Did you now use Anvil Metal Recovery, too? They changed how the mod works for version 1.15 and that may broke something. But until know i haven't found anything that could cause such a problem. I would like to see a log file after this issue happened.
  25. I used the newest version.
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