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  1. Hey all, I encountered some bugs after about 48 h of playtime and would like to share them with you for game development. Game version 1.12.8 - Map does not display the correct colors in Linux (see image attatched) - No receipt for spelt breat (Invisible dough bug ?) - Smelting / cooking in firepit does not fill the arrow completely. The process is done even though the arrow is just ~ 4/5 filled (Win and Linux). - Henbox has no build "receipt" and shows "material: stone" even though the image clearly shows a wooden box with hay / grass (see image attatched) - When checking the character stats with hotkey "c" the satiety is updated, health not while the dialog is opened. - Putting meet in a barrel results in a "missing image" / strangely filled barrel (see image attatched). Maybe no image would be nicer when an item has no funtion in the barrel. - When hovering over a burned out torch in the inventar, the 3D-animation rotates out of the window. - Player positions are not always visible on the (mini) map in LAN (Player1 on Windows, Player2 on Linux). This seems to be a sporadic bug. Furthermore I have a suggestion to make: - Forged tools / pick axe heads can be used while still very hot (> 800 °C). A cooldown time similar to the molded tools or ingots ones would be more realistic hunson
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