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  1. Oh wow, I didn't even know Vintage Story was on Steam now. Sorry you had issues, I'll add your post to the front page for anyone else who has issues.
  2. Sorry for the cooked egg bug everybody. Here's the fixed version: Also included a few little changes to the lye recipes and ash/white potash fertilization rates to keep red potash the king of potassium fertilization. lazytweaks v1.9.1.zip
  3. Sure I can help out with textures here and there. I work part-time for Vintage Story now, but I do a lot of documentation instead of modding at the moment so I've been itching to add some cool content mods. I also want to avoid redundancies in mods, so I'd be willing to work together on something like this to make a fancy way of baking food items. I can also do pretty nice looking shape models if you're don't want to do them. A few suggestions I'd have for the future though: - Tyron plans on making fruit trees in the nearish future, so it would be good to wait on making a mod for them. Same goes for a fruit press and true ovens, but if it's not too much work it would still be a cool to have them in a mod. - Would be really cool to be able to place pies as well and have them be gradually sliced away as the player takes portions. That might help explain why it can't be stacked either. I could make a neat looking pie model for this, one that you can change the texture of the insides for with variant code.
  4. Yeah, as it stands I feel compost is not very useful. I plan on making it as a component for Terra Preta production in an up-in-coming lazytweaks addition. It'll be used in combination with charcoal and bony soil to make terra preta (similar to how it was done in real life). It will also take much less rot to produce and will allow for alternative sources to compost with (IE grass, straw, flowers etc.)
  5. I think the recipe system would benefit greatly from a "small plate" of each metal. It could be used for smaller objects that really shouldn't take so much material. The large plates should be for forming expensive, high tier items like plate armor. Perhaps I'll add a "small plate" to lazytweaks and swap it out for the lantern recipe.
  6. That's strange, I'll ask around and see if there's something specific I have to do for linux users. Does it crash, or does it simply not do anything?
  7. These are all great suggestions everyone! Thanks for taking the time to give such thorough input, I did a little more research on hay vs straw and I think straw will make for a very useful item. The next update will mostly just tweak the potash recipes Small fixes to expect for the next update: Fix log burn temperatures Increase Ash K fertilization to 6% Decrease White Potash fertilization to 45%, to make it still valuable but also inferior to mined (red) potash. Change lye recipe to 3:1 ash to water ratio. This will in turn make it a 6:1 ratio to make white potash, providing an overall 1.25X bonus to ash fertilization in the end product. Next big update will include crop tweaks: Allow farmland to be picked up as blocks, or maybe use a shovel to convert farmland back to soil (right click function?) Allowing grains to be converted to and from seeds by crafting Harvesting grain crops will produce straw, an alternative material for some recipes: A much needed alternative for skeps A straw hat, gotta be able to craft SOME kind of decorative wear Straw baskets (both hand and storage baskets) Alternative straw bedding for the in-game bed Adobe and Straw blocks, lighter/yellowish versions of the mudbrick and hay bale blocks. Place over farmland to prevent grass from growing Straw bedding for animals that will eventually deteriorate into "soiled" versions. Can be used to make saltpeter via the french method. The soiled straw can be combined into a "niter bed", which will slowly decompose over a year (maybe?) to make a "Calcified Niter Bed" Mixing with water will dissolve the calcium nitrate into "Niter Water" "filter" with White Potash in a barrel again to make Saltpeter. Hooray for antique chemistry! If/when a mechanical press is made briquettes could be produced from straw, though this might be a bit too "industrial" for VS. As far as later versions go I agree that making a cauldron shouldn't require iron. However, bronze (and likely copper) cauldrons like this existed, so maybe it can be made out of any viable sheet metal. I could have it also made from clay, but I do like the idea of having some sort of early/mid level progression requirement for a tool that could be used for other chemical brewing procedures. Alternatively, I could have the metal version give more space for larger batches and perhaps heat up faster.
  8. Bugfix time! Thanks for testing out the new version everybody, I learned about some limitations with the current JSONs and had to make a workaround for the potash production. Here's the fixes and changes: Fixed a few lang issues with lye portions not being named correctly in the barrel. Fixed the texture crash with lye in a barrel. Fixed a crash when the player tries to pour out the contents of a bucket filled with lye. Changed Potash production by slowly evaporating liquid lye in a barrel Also there's a strange issue with the wood log tooltip and firepit recipe not showing the same values produced. The tooltip is the accurate amount of ash produced. Thanks everyone! let me know if any other problems crop up. lazytweaks v1.8.1.zip
  9. Wow, I didn't know the quiver was functional, does it only accept arrows?
  10. I've asked Tyron about that and at the moment it's not possible to have item recipes in the cooking pot just using JSONS. But I agree that it's a bit janky to have the lye cooked that way. I might play around with some of the other item codes and see if I can make a more realistic method. Though it might come down to me having to either mod the cooking pot or make a different cooking item altogether, maybe a cauldron or something that needs to be made from iron.
  11. Hello everyone! New update to Lazytweaks. There's a lot more stuff this time so there might be little issues here and there that I missed while testing it out. Let me know and I'll fix it as soon as I can. Here's the list of additions v1.8.0 Added iron spears Added cooked eggs Added Ash Leaching and potash production Added Extra tool molds (knife and spear) Added double knife smithing recipes Added limestone production with a barrel Adjusted Some tool mold quantities The latest version should be compatible with almost anything, but it might conflict with a mod that also adds Iron spears (It shouldn't though...). Let me know if any funny business comes up. You can download the new version here or on the main page: lazytweaks v1.8.0.zip
  12. This is really interesting! Does the wolf follow you around or just hang out around your spawn location?
  13. Here's my take, could be incorporated into a mechanical system, using hoppers, bellows and a toggle (similar to the helvehammer). They're twice as effective as water driven sluices, but they'll require a lot more mechanical building. Feed it with gravel/sand and watch it go!
  14. Added some additional suggestions and Ideas I've gathered up: These will be released in the next lazytweaks version (hopefully tonight or tomorrow) Potash production through ash leaching Variable Casting costs for tools (I might add a "precise" version for especially frugal VS players) Knife casting and double knife recipes for smithing Iron spears and spear casting Cooked Eggs New Suggestions I'll be working on (Not in any particular order): Variant "Forged" tools that have better stats than regular cast ones. Will require better materials to make as well (IE, leather handle, plank haft and maybe resin) Some variable roof types, including thatch and wood shingles. Melting down unused toolheads/disassembling tools and anvils. Crafting grain crops into seeds (Grains are seeds!) Extra food types (Will be a new mod: "Vintage Cuisine") Additional bread variants, such as sourdough, Lye (Pretzel bread) and pastry. Sourdough will be made by sealing bread dough in a barrel, then baking it. It will last longer than regular bread. Lye bread will be made by mixing regular dough with lye and then baking it. It will improve its saturation (more flavor!). Pastry bread will be a different type of dough made from flour, water, eggs and fat. Will be expensive but have high saturation,will last a little longer and give some protein nutrition. Fruit Bread, combining regular dough with berries Spice Bread, which will require herbs/spices once they're released in VS. Vegetable Oils, Can be rendered on a fireplace (maybe I'll make a cauldron to do this...) Dried Berries Tofu Some kind of "stirfry" meal that uses rice, meat, veggies and fat/oil Extra weapon types(Will be a new mod: "Vintage Armory") New Suggestions for the devs/other modders: Better sprinting Death markers Turntables/potter's wheel for faster/mechanized clayforming Mechanical Press for processing foods/materials
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