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  1. It might have just been a mistake on my part, I cannot remember Also, heads up for everyone, I'm afraid that I will not be able to continue work on this mod in the future. Life has become very busy for me and I don't foresee a time that I'll be able to consistently work on this or any other mods for Vintage Story. That said, if anyone is wishes to inherit Lazy Tweaks and keep it updated/bug free for the community you have my permission. I'm aware that there's a decent number of people who enjoy using it and I don't want to take that away from them for future versions of VS. An
  2. The compost curing uses the same item property as curing hides (IE using fat/oil), and as far as I'm aware there is actually no difference for any container it is put into. I have not actually looked into the code too much for this item property, but I'm pretty sure it works differently than say how food will deteriorate in that the rate is constant no matter where it's placed. But, I have not tested this myself and it might be worthwhile to make some custom code for it. I actually planned on making a block version as well that you could pile it into, and if you "turn" it by breaking it up
  3. Yeah it's possible and something I plan on doing, it just requires some extra code to make a stackable block. For now, I just wanted a quick solution for it
  4. I am aware, it will be fixed in a small update. And I will try to make a config file to disable some tweaks, not sure how to do it just yet so that might take a bit of time.
  5. Is it part of the new steel smithing update? I actually only tested out steel ingots so I may have missed something. I have actually not had the time to thoroughly try out all the new features in the recent update.
  6. Ah, yeah that will require a fix on my part, I forgot that those were added recently. I'll fix that in a small update.
  7. Sometime this week, I plan on dissecting the mod into smaller "mini-mods" to try and help with compatibility and updating. I realize now that the mod is becoming too spread out to just be "tweaks" so I'd like for people to be able to choose what they want. A config is also an option, but I think having the smaller modules will be altogether better in the long run.
  8. Alright folks, the experimental of Lazytweaks for VS 1.14+ is out. There may be some bugs I missed, but I made sure that at least the most important things worked. But, always be sure to backup your worlds and such before updating. Some things I still need to figure out (but aren't as necessary ATM): GUI transformations have been altered a bit in the recent update, and patches don't work well with them. So I need to figure it out. Need to re-add the damage tiers of spears. Also, some folks have asked for me to split the mod into modules. I will likely do this to help wit
  9. Nice! If you want I can post a link to your mod so folks can find it from here?
  10. Well then, looks like the stable is finally out, time to get to work in earnest
  11. It sounds like a lot of folks are switching over to 1.14 even before the stable release, so I'm planning on working on a large update and bugfix this week. Will hopefully have a release by Tuesday. Thanks everyone for being so patient, I really appreciate it. ~ The Lazy Warlock
  12. I want to be a lot more thorough with the update this time. For 1.13 I did not test out a lot of things I expected to work just fine, and before I even knew there were bugs 1.14 was right around the corner. If I'm lucky, it will only take a weekend to update since I will not be adding any new features for the moment.
  13. Yah, I think combining it with peat or even charcoal dust could make it into a longer burning, higher temp version of peat (which is already useful IMO). I'll probably even give it a stackable block like peat. Maybe something like 8 straw + 1 peat + 1 charcoal dust = 4 briquettes. With a briquette burning ~ 50% longer than peat but not as hot as charcoal, making it ideal for cooking or firing things.
  14. Lazy Warlock's Tweaks (AKA lazytweaks) Hello everyone! Now that I've got a suggestion to-do list I've started making small quality-of-life tweaks to the game using simple asset mods. I mostly play single player, so I don't know if these would ruin tribe dynamics for multiplayer servers where resources and land claiming is important. However I think most will appreciate the small changes I've made here. (Also let me know if they can't be used on servers, not sure what needs to be done with asset mods to make use of them server-side) Okay now for the Mods: Whittling (IE stick
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