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[Request] Temporal Gear Powered Fridge.


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Not a coder by any stretch so I don't know the difficulty of producing such an item. But playing on multiplayer with people on at all hours so food spoilage is a problem. One of the ideas that popped into my head was a fridge that slows time. Which if it requires iron/black bronze tier metals, possibly tech loot (I forget the metal parts that the translocators need repaired using), and powered by consuming temporal gears then it would require work to get and a resource sink that would eat up some of the items that tend to pile up during play.  Added bonus, people that don't play for long periods of time won't be refueling their fridge with temporal gears so their food won't be just permanently preserved.


I make this request because even using sealed pots in an ice house, the server ticks along so much that a 2-3 day break in play still results in players coming back to everything being rotten.

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