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How does multiplayer work with farming, kilns, etc?

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Quick question: If you start a farm, plant some stuff, light a pit kiln and then log off for a day. Will things have proceeded when you log back in or will everything be exactly as it was when you left (assuming nobody else is in the area)?

[EDIT] I've been told that pit kilns, at least, should work without you needing to be online.

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It's a little bit of column A, a little bit of column B.

By default, the server is set to pause (basically, slowing the global sim speed to more or less standstill) while nobody is online. The moment one player logs in, it resumes. The server can be configured to keep running normally when no one is online, but the default behavior is pausing.

This means that whether or not long processes continue to happen while you're offline will depend on whether anyone at all is online. If you're the last person to log off, causing the server to pause, and then return before anyone else, you'll find things pretty much where you left them. On the other hand, if the server is more or less always populated, you can log off with a freshly seeded field and return to fully grown crops later.

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