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Tilting skybox for celestial poles


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I have no idea what the limitations are for skyboxes, so if it's a ridiculous request to implement feel free to ignore. This also might not be possible because of the way the game handles poles, IDK. 

The axis that the stars rotate on should align with the north/south poles like on a typical planet with seasons. Right now they rotate on a flat plane around the player, and it does point north/south, but if it could tilt up as you approach the poles that would be more accurate and realistic. This could make for fun map-free navigation (you can use it to calculate latitude without using the command/coordinate HUD) and more accurate player-made sundials. 

A wiki article on celestial poles for a better (visual) explanation and usage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celestial_pole 


Opposing argument: 'It's not a round planet, it doesn't need this.'

                 Ok but the sun and seasons already behave as if it is a round planet; including long nights and days at the poles, equinoxes and solstices, and there is even a shifting solar equator. May as well finish out the set. 


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Acts like a round planet?   uhhh....   Not exactly?  On default settings there are 2 poles between spawn and the northern world border and 2 poles between spawn and the southern world border.  That's very unglobelike behavior for a planet.  

Speaking of world borders.  Should you travel to said Vintage Story geographic location you will see a cliff.  Perhaps if you could fly out far enough you'd see elephants supporting the mantle seraphs cannot mine through.

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