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Need help with Smithing


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Currently i feel like im doing something wrong when hammering a bar of metal into shape.

The default option when hammering something is a heavy hit. The problem is that i can find barely any use for this as it just moves to many cubes into the wrong direction and increases risk of failing the whole thing.

The other options is moving each cube into a direction one at a time, which is kind of time consuming and is probably needed for finishing small mistakes.

Maybe im missing something. Is there maybe a way to rotate the object in the vertical axis so i can use the heavy hit more often?




Sorry for bad english.



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No, you are supposed to make the item one voxel at a time.

Very few things are large enough that a heavy hit is more of an advantage than a problem.

Also with experience you will find that it does not take that much time to hammer a tool from an ingot.

I personally find that the time it takes to heat up the ingots is longer than the time it takes to smith the tool.

Also unless you are playing with mods it is preferable to only smith things that you can't make with casting.

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