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Ad-hoc (two player) multiplayer over internet stability?


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Been really enjoying this game and I'm thinking about dragging a friend down into the void with me. We've had mixed results getting various (non-steam) games to work for co-op over the years, however. Latest case being Stationeers, which often took an hour to get working reliably, if we got it working at all.

So before I talk my friend into spending his rather tight disposable income, I'd like to hear from people what their experiences with getting this game to do direct P2P multiplayer is like. My PC should be more than powerful enough to handle 2 players, so that's not the issue. Neither will the connection speed be.

But what about the game itself? Is it stable? Lag-free? Does it suffer from frequent de-syncs? Stuff like that.

Thanks in advance for your insight!

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I used to play over the internet with family and friends. It was really smooth/stable up to the 4 I played with, with my PC as host (same one I gamed on), both vanilla (no mods) and about 10 mods tested. That's as many people as I could test though. Assuming you have it all set up correctly on your end (router setup etc etc), you should have no problem playing that way.



To be clear: yes, the game runs beautifully this way. If there are desyncs or unstable performance, it will most likely have to do to with 1) mods 2) host PC issues 3) internet issues (such as packet loss etc). In my experience though, that has never been an issue, so have fun! :)

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