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In game voxel customization for weapons and armor.


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Currently, if we want different weapons or armor we have to mod those in. Now, after some thought it occurred to me that an in game customization would alleviate the need for so many mods while giving players something fun to play with. 

The way i see it working, you would craft a drafting table, and on that table you would select a weapon category, and an imaginary ingot. From there you would create a voxel design, smith the ingot into that shape, and it would generate damage values based on the type of material used and how much was used. if a lot of material was used it would also decrease speed. 

This could be expanded to other material cost too, where you can create hilts that use bone, leather, or a wood plank and chisel. 


This could be applied to armors and shields to an extent too. 

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On 10/22/2022 at 11:31 PM, Mortui said:

I'd love for this to be implemented. However it'd be nice if it were just a cosmetic feature. But any of this feature would be pretty cool. I'd imagine it'd be like chiseling but with smithing.

I think this would be a fine way to bridge the gap, that way it remains purely cosmetic in nature, but still allows for a degree of customization. However, as it's stated bellow, it might be difficult to do so.


On 10/21/2022 at 9:01 PM, Hal13 said:

It is a nice idea, but the game does not actually use the voxel models for most crafted items. Which means most of the mods still would be needed as the mods provide the actual 3d model not only the crafting recipe.


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