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Safest way to skip winter on a server?


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I have a little 4 player sever just started. The calendar is on september. For the new players i want to skip the winter just for maybe two times.

Is there a safe way (server command) to skip the winter without rotten food or killing the crops?

Setting calendar mode spring restart the server and back to seasons after a restart is starting at spring?

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If you touch the calendar in a world that's been running for more than an ingame month or so, you're pretty much guaranteed to screw stuff up. Not just food either. You should use such commands only as a last resort, when you must.

You can make a backup and try it out, see if you can live with the results.

Honestly though, just have them face the challenge. And have a stpckpile of your own they can fall back on if they don't make it on their own. And then talk about lessons learned. :P

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You're not just changing the time going forward with that command. You're changing the calendar as a whole - past, present, and future. You just told the game that each month only lasts a day - but you've already spent 40-ish days in this world in the past. What do you think is going to happen next?

...I mean, I actually don't know, I've never tried :P But there's two possible outcomes.

  • One, the game preserves the calendar date, but as a result is forced to change the days elapsed since world creation. You will remain in September of the first year, with each day going forward passing one month. However, since you started in May, there's only five days that have passed to put you in September of that same year, instead of 40-ish. So every single function in the game that is based around tracking days will get royally screwed up. I actually don't know what happens if you planted a crop 10 days ago, but you now tell the game that only 4 to 5 days have ever existed. It could be literally anything.
  • Two, the game preserves the days elapsed, but as a result is forced to change the calendar date. Since each month is one day long, and 40-ish days have passed, that means your calendar date is going to be shifted 35-ish months into the future. 36 months elapsed since world start would put you in May, like every number divisible by 12... and 4-5 days afterwards... hey look, you would most likely be in or around September again! :D But a September that's three years in the future. And as a result of this, every single thing in the game that's based on the calendar is going to get fast-forwarded three years. Like, for example, crop growth. Or food spoilage. Does all your food last more than three years? It'll need to, unless you want it to instantly transform into rot.

Personally, I think case two is more likely, because it causes fewer time paradoxes. But as mentioned I have never tried it.

That's not all of the problems with your plan though. Let's assume you went to the September three years in the future, somehow didn't lose all your food, and then successfully passed winter. It's now seven months later, April instead of September, and you wish to go back to 9-day months. You enter the command... and... voila! You are now back in year 1, just seven days later than when you started - so most likely in October! Winter is still looming ahead of you, and you've gained nothing.

I repeat: do not mess with the calendar in worlds older than a month or so unless you absolutely must. Weird and bad things will happen.


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Even though I think scenario 2 is more likely, it shouldn't mess up food spoilage, crops, pit kilns, char coal pits etc as that seems depended on the length of an ingame hour only with fixed values of either how many hours ingame went on or how many times got the crop randomly ticked with those ticks being depended on speed of the game time only. Hence in term to skip a single winter you might have to play several years with shorter months... Settling closer to the equator might be more helpful...

You could of course speed up time and/or calendar time to skip winter without many problems, apart from food spoiling really fast, as long as the players don't do much while waiting they shouldn't starve to death while time sprints... time speed and calendar time multiplier are only changed going forward and have little potential to backfire when changing them mid game.

Or you could lower the treshold for seraphs freezing, disable harsh winters, enable underground farming and enjoy the wintery landscape.

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