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[En]] Horizons |1.17.9 Server|


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A living story: A world that progresses along with its players. Experience the march of epochs as technology evolves alongside player accomplishments.

The Vision: A harsh and difficult world to be immersed in where players can rough out all the challenges alone or collaborate with others when in need. Everyone should leave with a sense of pride and accomplishment.



Unique Features:

  • Explore a re-imagined wilderness teeming with deadly new wildlife and dangerous plants. Grab a pickaxe and discover what new horrors the deep may hold.
  • Random natural and supernatural events that will keep players on their toes. (Forest fires, meteor showers, and plagues.)
  • Community events to bring players together like a Winter Solstice event where we decorate the World Tree or chiseling/painting competitions.
  • An ever-changing world that continues to advance using a questing/tech tree system that encourages everyone to work together to complete and gives the players a choice in what mods are added to the server.
  • We use the More Classes mod in conjunction with xSkills for further customization of your character and what you can do.
  • The Vinter_Nacht mod suite adds three mods that make immersive changes to how Vintage Story is played. Crafting is now more involved, making players think carefully about resource and time management.


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⚜️S E R V E R  S E T T I N G S  ⚜️


Long Days and 30 Day Months: One day (24hr) in the game takes 6 hours in real life, and each month in the game is 30 days. A steady pace of time gives everyone plenty of time to get things done and ensures that the seasons won't pass in a blink of an eye.


Time passes when the server is empty. You won’t have to guess how much time has passed when you log back on because, barring players sleeping to pass time, the world continues to move on at a consistent pace.Twenty four hours in real life is four in game days. A benefit when it’s night time in game and you decide that you need to touch grass or get chores done. That’s if you don’t have better things to do in game like cooking or smithing to pass away the night.


Temporal stability, rifts, and storms are enabled: Just to keep things spicy. Temporal Storms come rarely but when they do, the community comes together to fend it off and often come away with good loot.


Soil Gravity includes dirt, gravel, and sand: Because it makes exploration that much more exciting, innit? Watch your step!


No map or coordinates: No maps or coordinates makes exploration more exciting and meaningful. Roads are important. Watch for cool landmarks and test your navigation skills. Or just get a compass like everybody else.


Surface copper/tin: Surface ore is very rare which means higher tiered tools are so much more valuable. You won’t see us catapulting to the steel age and getting comfortable. Plenty of work for miners and blacksmiths who can maximize what ore they can find.

Food Spoilage rate at 1.5x speed: Set this way so that food never becomes obsolete and pickling/curing foods is actually important!


No Land Claims: Because of the way our world events are going to be executed and to encourage communication between builders and encourage the natural growth of settlements, land claims are disabled. Players are strongly encouraged to reinforce their builds with a [Plumb and Square] and lock their doors. 


PVP ON: For fun and events where everyone is consenting. Smack your friend for being silly or get the attention of someone who is alt-tabbed out. Griefing is not allowed. This includes intentionally killing someone without their permission or with the intent to steal or destroy their items. 


Interested now? Get started in our Discord!


Base Mods: The general mod policy is to introduce mods that will either expand on underdeveloped parts of the game or enhance the survival challenges on the server. The current mod list is as follows:



Ancient Tools
Backpack Pack
Better Drifters

Better Ruins

Carry On
Cave Content
Creatures and Critters
Fields of Gold
From Golden Combs
Hide and Fabric
Hammers Ringing Fall

Lands of Chaos
Meteoric Expansion
Medieval Expansion
More Classes
Mortal Damage
Player Corpse
Primitive Survival
Wildcraft Trees
Wild Farming



The First Age Mods
These are the mods that players have currently unlocked and are active in the world.



Expanded Foods / A Culinary Artillery
Useful Things


Okay, now if you're interested!




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A break during the construction of the inn.2022-10-25_16-18-03.thumb.png.d8544fcea902ae2afd13acc185776b81.png

The finished Inn and Explorer's Guild. To the left of it, TomOmbre's home and storefront.

A modest public smithy


PennedGalaxy's home


Throwback Thursday: the admin's depressed alpaca.

RIP Tangerine


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