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this is mainly a brainstorm thread
i've been thinking about this a lot, but i haven't organised my thoughts, so this will likely be kind of messy
will i ever actually try to make it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
posting this partly in the hopes of bouncing ideas around, but honestly mostly for the potential of someone else doing it, lolll
i want it to at the very least require a culinary artillery, and preferably also expanded foods

so the vanilla bread being ten litres of water with a handful of flour is just bonkers
i want to bring yeast, sugar, salt, and oil into the equation
the idea isn't to completely get rid of the vanilla recipe, though. maybe just reduce the amount of water

all bread added with this mod will technically be sourdough.
so there'll be a starter that needs to be fed, but i think i'll simplify it some compared to what my research tells me
feeding it twice a day every day for at least a week? not likely going to get players excited, lol
maybe it could be feed when you can, and after you've fed it five times, it will be ready for dough
however, it should spoil if not fed in... a month or two?

i honestly didn't do a whole lot of research for wheat, but one person seemed to get ~256g per what would be four blocks, which is perfect game-wise
64g per crop, but you'll need eight crops to make a decent sized loaf (which will be bigger than vanilla, and you'll need to cut to eat)
i'm wondering if burlap sacks should be added, or if it's okay to store flour in barrels
instead of a vague handful, you'll pick it up with a measuring device
this would likely be a bowl, which we'll say can manage to hold 100ml of any liquid or 100g of any solid, just to keep things simple

sugar would be collected from honey or maple syrup
first you boil it to remove as much water as you can without burning it, then store it somewhere cool to crystallise
can be put in a mixing bowl to speed up the process
crystallized sugar needs to be dried out somehow, but its melting point is too low to bake... hmmm... could just skip that for game purposes

as for a basic recipe
500g flour
300ml water
200g bubbly sourdough starter (meaning you need to feed it shortly before)
10g salt (here's where i'm not sure how to measure... should measuring utensils also be added? i did forget i also want a bowl in which the bread can rise)
20g sugar (my source says honey, but i wanted to have sugar production... i guess it can be used for something else in a "bakery" mod)
mix all that in a mixing bowl. it doesn't take long at all because you don't want to knead it
take it out, coat it in oil (25ml) in a bowl, cover it with a damp towel and let it rise somewhere warm. i have no idea how to do this in-game. after a few hours, come back, fold it, cover and let rise some more. a few hours later, remove it to a cutting board (which i had been considering for a different mod idea that i'm now thinking can be combined with this), coat in flour, cut in a design if you want
then bake

i mentioned a cutting board, so here's another somewhat related idea
all(?) food can now be cut into smaller pieces, like slices of meat or single leaves of cabbage
i guess it would work best like a cooking pot: four slots for ingredients when putting sliced bread on the cutting board


okay, i think that's everything i've been thinking of (for now, lol)
hopefully this post isn't a complete mess

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removed huge line spaces
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i don't know if their name is the same on the forum as the moddb (mine isn't), but grandoth has made a sack mod that could help

they would only hold just over 8kg of flour, which isn't very much. typically, they hold more like 50kg

what i want is a sack that can stand up so you just reach in with a scoop to grab some

but maybe that's just too large of a sack for someone to sit and make? hm i seem to remember a loom, tho. am i wrong? is there no loom mod?

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Posted (edited)

i'm likely to be busy through july, but i think i might start actually tackling this in august

editing this with a list of things i want to add
because i don't know if i want to bump the thread yet


flour sacks - maybe just barrels

measuring bowls
    - flour, water, milk, oil, syrup
    - aca/ef already has this mechanic

    - honey, fruit mash, berry syrup, maple syrup
    - use a saucepan or cauldron from aca to boil
    - then in a cellar either in a barrel or aca mixing bowl

sourdough starter
    - kept in aca bottles, tho i would prefer jars
    - not barrels because they should be small amounts

    - expanded foods adds this

somehow 10g salt... would that be one or ten units? i think one

tables are now a thing thanks to pies

cutting board
sliced items:
* morecrops
& wildcraft trees
    -blue (crumbled)
    -bell pepper
    -cabbage (get leaf, not slice)
    -cabbage (shredded)
    -*cauliflower (chopped)
    -wildcraft has lots of these, but do i need them?
    -maybe herb and butter bread would be nice, tho
    -do i really want all of these?? and could you even slice them all??
    -orange oak bolete
    -king bolete
    -devil bolete
    -green cracked russula
    -violet web cap
    -almond mushroom
    -red wine cap
    -black trumpet
    -field mushroom
    -indigo milkcap
    -saffron milkcap
    -common morel
    -witchhat mushroom
    -paddy straw
    -deerear mushroom
    -white oyster
    -bearded tooth
    -chicken of the woods
    -tinder hoof
    -dryad saddle
    -pink oyster

to be continued...?

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