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Topic: Yearly Chunk Replenishment.


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Topic: Yearly Chunk Replenishment.

We are experiencing a situation with a scarcity of resources for inexperienced, new players when they spawn into Mystic Winds due to the fact that the area has been picked clean (mostly).

After giving thought & discussion, it's completely valid to expect, after a hard winter & autumn rains, that in addition to the current animal population renewal, that the erosion would expose those surface deposits that still exist below ground (maybe if >75%) then the surface indicator nuggets would reappear.

It could be a seasonal server check (not asking for daily renewal checks). In consideration of server load & climate conditions, those checks could be spread across differing latitudes so that the check does not happen worldwide simultaneously.

It also stands to reason that in the spring wild crops would also sprout if those have also been depleted (again, if >75% of the original world gen crop has been harvested).

This suggestion is based upon realistic situations that could make for reduced hardship for new, inexperienced players on heavily populated servers that become resource scarce at spawn.

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