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The Winter Wonderland Event Winners!


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Dear Community
Your votes are in, and the winners of the Winter Wonderland build event have been chosen!

Most Original

First Place: Nyagi
Second Place: Yada
Third Place: Ellinus
Fourth Place: GameSox
Fifth Place: AmyDestroyer

Most Detailed

First Place: Yada
Second Place: Credones
Third Place: Ellinus
Fourth Place: Rainazel
Fifth Place: Umbrellaman

Most Beautiful

First Place: Yada
Second Place: Credones + Ellinus (tied)
Third Place: Umbrellaman
Fourth Place: AmyDestroyer + Rainazel (tied)
Fifth Place: Greedman + Skoliro (tied)

Best Lighting

First Place: Ellinus
Second Place: Yada
Third Place: Rainazel
Fourth Place: AmyDestroyer
Fifth Place: VSkeleton

Overall Winners
These builds got the most votes overall and are the final winners of the event!


First Place: Yada
Second Place: Ellinus
Third Place: Credones
Fourth Place: Rainazel
Fifth Place: Nyagi and AmyDestroyer (tied)


The top three builds in each category will receive one free game key (limit one total per player) and fourth and fifth place in each category will receive 50% off coupons for a copy of Vintage Story.

We were truly blown away by the outpouring of creativity, originality, and sheer building skill on display in this event. We’re so impressed that every finalist (that is, every player whose build was on the voting form) will receive a 25% off coupon.

If you’d like to explore all these lovely builds yourself, you can download a copy of the world from our Google Drive. If the teleporters turn out to be too laggy, you can still teleport via /tp

Congratulations to the winners. Thank you all so much for taking part in the event. Happy holiday season to all those who are celebrating, and we’ll see you at the next event!

We will hand out the game keys and coupons to your game account email today or tomorrow 🎉

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