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Modify player entity temperature


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Since I am freezing to death within minutes in my house  I want to modify my body temperature via command.

But how goes the value for that?  And is it even possible to raise the temperature so that a player won´t freeze despite being in deeper minus c degrees?

Command is: /player [playername] entity temp [value]

Thanks in advance!


€: I found in the wiki the command: /worldconfig bodyTemperatureResistance -40 which I did not see listed in either server commands or nitrado server commands list.
Will try/play around with that as a start.


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Yeah, head to toe covered.
House temperature seems bugged since when I go underground I stop freezing and warm up.
Solved it for the moment with the temperature resistance command.

Temperature/season related, my young animals getting stuck and stop moving, usually after snow I think.
Since they stop eating then, any way to solve that? Tried to shove the stuck animal but usually to no avail.

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  • Xarl changed the title to Modify player entity temperature+ animal offspring stuck/not eating or moving anymore
  • Xarl changed the title to Modify player entity temperature

Quoting from the wiki : https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php/Temperature


Enclosed Rooms

Staying in enclosed rooms will benefit the player, as their body temperature will be raised by 1°C as long as they stay inside.
A room is considered completely enclosed if there are no openings and less than 50% skylight. This means, a room must fulfill the following criteria:

  • the room cannot have any entrances except from those closed by a door or trapdoor
  • the room needs to be completely closed of by solid block faces, meaning all the walls need to be complete, without any holes created by slabs or stairs - however, if the full faces of slabs or stairs are located to the inside of the room, they will count.
  • Chiseled blocks count as valid blocks for rooms, with the following limitations: The inward facing side must be almost solid (less than 20 voxels missing), at least 50% of the blocks volume must be retained, you still need to use the right materials, e.g. stone for cellars.
  • windows in the walls count as enclosing elements, however if they are in the roof, they cannot take up more than 50% of the roof size
  • unfortunately, slanted roof blocks do not count towards an enclosed room and will need full blocks below them to fill the space
  • the room can be a maximum size of 14x14x14, or specifically, any point of the room needs to be 14 Manhattan distance away from the rooms walls, counting from and including the starting point - with this counting system, diagonals count as 2 blocks

Additionally, the warming range of firepits will be larger indoors then outside (since version v1.14.8-rc.1) - effectively enabling the player to warm up a room if there is a burning firepit in it.

For more specific help than this, screenshots would be helpful.

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Thanks for the reply!
Yeah, I knew the stuff from the wiki, that´s why I was irritated what was going on.
Rebuild my roof now, not testet without the weather hardiness modificator though.
Will attach a picture next time.

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