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A small semi-tudor


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Hey @Nessy,

It is really not an issue if you are creative-building.  If you are chiseling in survival-mode it is really handy.  The /roomregdebug command is used to see if the game has 'reg'istered a space as a room.  In winter, if the space is not registered as a room, it is coooold.  There is a fair bit of conjecture as to what the limits of room size is.  The suggested max size of a 'room' is 7x7x7.  But I have had larger spaces recognized as a 'room'.  The general rule is a block must have a minimum of 50% depth to be recognized.  Slope- chiseled blocks usually don't meet that criteria. So a custom sloped roof needs a ceiling under it.

The chimney and chiseled glass in this gave me fits.  Its hard to see errors in glass.

There are three command arguments to the /roomregdebug command.

  • 'hi' turns on highlighting (all green if the room is registered.  Red it not)
  • 'unhi' turns off highlighting
  • 'list' shows a count of possible room dimensions?

It seems to be chunk-based, or at least chunk-sized when it fails, to judge by the second screenshot.

My troubleshooting consisted of blocking suspected areas until I figured out just where the problem was.  In one case I could not find it and just redid it.  One tiny nick in an already thin block can do it.

I did not stay in a Holiday Inn last night ;) 



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I wondered about that @b0bb0 I looked at the 4th-6th screenshots and thought, "Very nice, but it's not a room. That's going to get cold in the winter." But not so much, eh? Is it area, then? Total volume? Or maybe something more complicated?

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