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Had a random crater appear; is this normal?

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Title says it all, really.  Had created a covered set of pit kilns with a sleeping area on top, very early game, left to get some food in the morning...  when I came back, there was a new giant crater that just barely missed my "base".  It's very visible in the minimap on the attached screenshot.  Bug, or just something that can happen?

Only mod installed is Primitive Survival.


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Pit kilns can set on fire surrounding blocks. If this blocks are flammable, and fire spreading is allowed (default settings) all around can burn to ashes.

I guess, your pit kilns set on fire nearest peat deposit. Located exactly where you have your crater now.

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Alternatively, if the world is set to have soil affected by gravity, and there was a cavern below the dirt layer, it may have collapsed.

That said, given that there are indeed burning pit kilns in this screenshot, I wouldn't be surprised if Digitalr was right :D

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