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Stored food perish speed is higher than 1x

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In my new world, stored food perish speed in storage vessels ranges from 0.9x to 1.3x. It never went above 1x in my previous world. It's strange that food takes longer to rot in my inventory than in storage vessels and chests. Could this be a glitch?


(Edit) Resolved it after putting the vessels in the cellar. Still, strange that the multiplier could go higher than 1x.

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This is new with 1.18, in a way, though not as new as you may think.

Food spoil speed has always scaled with temperature. The hotter it gets - and I notice in your screenshot that it is summer - the more quickly perishables will spoil. In previous versions, storage containers like clay vessels would display only their own modifier to food spoil speed, while the modifier from temperature was applied silently in the background and was not shown anywhere. From 1.18 onwards, storage containers show the sum of all modifiers applying to food stored within.

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