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Instrument Voices and how they are handled.

Big Shasta

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So, #1, there is no independent volume control for the instrument voices.

#2 When you join a server, very often your character menu will BUG OUT, it will have appearance and voice options that are scrambled. You will see that you have "tuba;low" selected, but you end up with an insane ear piercing squeal. You MUST set your voice and instrument, which the menu lags AGAIN often times... and select your voice or you risk RUINING your character.

You can RUIN your character.... At the first moments when you join the server! .... NICE!!! 

#3 as far as I know, you need an admin to run a command to wipe your profile/enable char selection again - but in my experience this command is reported not to work... OR  you get to play with this voice, that will severely hurt your ears at every loss of HP as you play...


It's kind of stupid how many times this has happened to me - it's been at least 3 times over the last 6 months, just trying to find servers to play on, and I get this character with these absolutely awful options that no one would pick to play with anyway...  NO CLUE how no one else is talking about this. I have had to quit servers now, 3 of them, just because I don't want to look like a jerk, asking for them to run a server command for me for vanity - but I play with headphones, there is no volume control - these trash voices hurt if you play with the game at normal volumes.

Please, give voices a pass, lower those peaks a fair bit on the high end and add the ability to control the client volume of voices, both our own and others. 

It's a bug the thing is bugged it shows the wrong sounds that your character doesn't actually have -- it's bugged. The menu is bugged. Thank you


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