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Display Case Types / Better Displayed Butterfly Visibility


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Catching butterflies is not a feature of the game I had paid attention to particularly... until i noticed it can actually be fun~ I know this because i died falling down a cave while trying to catch one of them critters... TWICE. I even made an extra room in my house to show off my collection of dead bugs, only to notice that the preserved insects are not that visible unless the display cases are close to the floor or you get super close to them.

2.5 blocks away and look at the flat stuff~

This feature is already there, so why not make it in a way that it's easier to see the butterflies from across the room?

(Standard) Display cases are very useful when making an exhibition of rare items, ores and crystals.
Tall Display cases on the other hand, are stellar when showing off big crystals and the stolen goods from the resonance archives 😅

But when displaying butterflies, they lie flat at the bottom of the case.
Since there are i don't even know how many butterflies out there in the game, i think that this is a problem that should be addressed.

Single Display Case: Made to contain single smaller items to show how important they are, such as smaller crystal variants, flowers and butterflies.

Vertical Display Case: It looks just like a painting, only it has a bit of a thicker frame and a thin layer of glass. It can hold up to 4 specimens. This might be the ideal solution.
Some items used in the recipe could be Beeswax, Parchment, Linen, Glass panes and Wooden Planks.



Another way to solve this problem would be rendering the butterflies on a stick, so that they lie a bit higher in the case. This would be a similar example of what it woild look like:

This belongs to the MC Mod and Resource pack, Cocricot.

Translated to VS, then it would look kinda like this:
It's a drawing of mine, I know~ But don't you dare to laugh (¬_¬) 

So what do you think?
Can any of these ideas solve the visibility on the displayed collection of butterflies?

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Okay you might freak over this, but I've actually been working on a mod these past few weeks, Museum Cases, EXACTLY BECAUSE of the reasons you described, and with similar solutions!! The base display case is kind of not great IMO because of the enforced +45 degree spin plus a random extra amount of spin making it look like my seraph is just haphazardly throwing these things into a glass box instead of actively curating the thing, on top of it being completely worthless for displaying butterflies. If there's gonna be what, like 169 different butterfly variants? We might as well have something *nice* to show them off in.

Posting in spoilers so I don't blow out the page here with all the screenshots of a mod.



I repurposed the tall display case model a bit and added support for snapping to cardinal and intermediate directions as well as being able to tilt them at a nice 30 degree angle or placed flat on top of the peg, as well as center-snapping and glassless displays.


Left is vanilla, right is modded (don't mind that they're off-kilter on the peg, that's kind of a just a thing with their vanilla display origin that I didn't want to mess with when I took this screenshot).


I've got display case endcap, turn, and middle segments thus far for contiguous display cases (and will probably add "pegless" and "tall" versions later. After this screenshot I updated the textures of the base beneath the glass so it flows better between segments).


At some point I realized I wanted a smaller display case because I tried putting a standard museum case on a podium as a centerpiece, but it felt too wide. Well, little cases it is!


I tweaked the glassless variant to allow pretty much everything that doesn't have the "displaycaseable" attribute (though clothes/armor/jewelry are still currently a no-go with how their origins are and how I didn't want to define displaycase tfs for them), and even modded items like the museum case itself or that trumpet from the Instruments mod fit well! (Later I'll design cases specifically for showing off weapons. Things like the basic sword look alright in these cases but a lot of the ruined weapons, not so much; they'll need more specific love.)


Most recently I've worked on these wall-mounted displays, which are still a work in progress, but we're getting there! I'll also be adding a more flat and close-in wall case just for butterflies. I've got some other display ideas I want to work on.

Sorry for making this a "check out my mod" post, I just got excited because this thread was linked to me and I really wanted to share my work since we're sort of on the same track! ...No release window yet because I'm pretty busy during the week, but we're getting pretty close to having something worth installing 😃

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"Okay you might freak over this, but I've actually been working on a mod these past few weeks..."

I have this one .doc where i've been dumping every single idea that just makes sense to me for a full year at this point. The document grew so long, that it's getting harder to find ideas that aren´t interconnected to each other already, thus making them impossible to separate into simple independent features. This is why i decided i'd finally start isolating aspects of the game and posting some of the more elaborated ones... but i hit a wall since "connected textures and blocks" are kind of a necessity and i have no clue about making mods for VS. Never tried and unfortunately I have not enough time for now. I thought that adding each segment would end up being heavier on the memory used, so i removed most of those features on this post just to show the most simple solution. The problem is that there is only so much you can chisel before the surface of the "block" isn't solid anymore, and just like that, many blocks imagined to be the display base were taken out of the post.

Even though i wanted the small case because the current cases are too big, i took it out as well because i thought no one would even care about this since you are dedicating a full block to show one item... you know. But displaying stuff goes beyond to the unique weapons the player encounters to the bountiful ore chunks and objects that can be a pain to find.

Dude, you even included the tilted items, and i took that out too because i thought it would complicate things!! Your mod is a materialization of a part of the document that addresses displaying items and exhibitions. You've covered stuff that i was planning to post as suggestions later in the week!! You rock!!😝

Count me in as a tester as soon as the mod comes out~

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