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    crafting a torch

    You will first need to build a fire: Make a firestarter - directions are in the handbook (open the handbook by pressing "H"). Wiki, First Day Guide (scroll down to "Light/Cooking") to see how to build a firepit. Use the firestarter to light the firepit. Once you have a firepit, right click on it to open and insert sticks/branches into the top slot. As long as the fire is burning, it will convert the sticks to torches. edit: oops. Sorry, I see that you already made a firepit so you only need the firestarter. I'll leave this here in case someone else might need it.
  2. Do you mean, 100 hours since the update that originally put bees into the game... or 1.10.6 (recent release) that fixes the spawn rate of bees? Hopefully 1.10.6+ will take care of that for you, although it won't add them to already loaded chunks afaik.
  3. It is now sprint + place (shift + right click).
  4. Your base is looking really nice! A couple of your copper molds were not completely full and that is why you couldn't pick them up after they'd cooled. Each tool takes 100 units of copper -- there is text that appears while you're pouring to let you know how much is in the mold. It takes 2 copper ingots to make 1 copper plate. They're made on the anvil after being heated in a forge.
  5. Ah. Tyron brought stone hoes back in 1.10, thank goodness! There is a stone hoe mod by Melchior that is quite nice and doesn't add anything else to the game.
  6. Lol! Well, I can't help you with the love part, but brown coal is found in sedimentary rock. I think charcoal is a better fuel source (made by burning full stacks of firewood within a fully enclosed space; blocks such as tilled farmland do not count as a full block because it is one pixel lower than a standard block). Let me know if you need more detail on making charcoal. Horsetails can grow spontaineously on tilled farmland (not sure if it needs to be moist), just like grass but it is more rare. It grows in the wild in areas that also favor mushrooms. I'm not sure of the actual requirements. I associate them with woods too -- the places where you are apt to find sticks on the ground -- often with some elevation, but not necessarily. There are other poultices that can be made with linen and do not require horsetails. Are you in 1.9? In the most recent version (1.10 pre-release) the chance of finding bees has been increased x3, if I remember correctly. However food also decays in 1.10, so there's that. Anyway, bees spawn during world creation and require a dry climate. They are associated with the type of climate that favors soybeans. They're most often found in acacia trees or oaks (sometimes in those really huge oaks, and the hives can be way up high too!). Some hives will hang openly from the bottom of trunks, but they can also be found in straight trunks. Most people will hear them before they see them.
  7. I watched your video! I hope that you do a series. My daughter was here visiting and we both enjoyed your commentary. As to your question though... thought you might like to know that there are some above-ground ruins that have subterranean rooms too. There are also ruins to be found in caves. If you find any underground chests that cannot be opened, it is because they are empty (temporarily -- some in-game items are currently being worked on and balanced and, I am told, that stocking those particular chests will come afterwards).
  8. Lol! No, but they do sometimes drop one of two items. One of their items is used to reset your spawn point.
  9. You should be able to right click on them when the cursor turns red. I am guessing that it is probably a positioning issue. edit: Although the only interaction is to open their transaction window. Were you able to do that?
  10. dakko

    Cheats On?

    You may want to pop in to the VS discord group and ask there. Here is the invite link. Someone is nearly always around, even those that do not frequent the forums. Hope to see you there!
  11. Hold down 'shift'. If you do not start sliding down, then you need to reposition yourself a little bit which can be tricky. Very gently touch 'W' or 'S' (depending on which way you are facing) to move just a little bit. Then try 'shift' again. We all start somewhere! I didn't know how to do it either, if it makes you feel any better.
  12. I like the idea of a customized checklist!
  13. Es tut mir leid, dass ich nur Englisch spreche, aber ich hoffe, dass Google Translate meine Worte verständlich macht. Ich kann nur ein bisschen helfen, aber ein Veteran sollte bald kommen. Für mehr Kupfer: Oberflächenteile geben Kupfer im Stein direkt darunter an. Es kann mehrere Blocks entfernt sein, aber es ist immer da. Zinn: Manchmal findet man ein paar Stücke auf der Oberfläche, aber normalerweise findet man sie, indem man in Höhlen schaut. Man muss sehr genau hinsehen. Wismut ist auf einigen Steinen sehr schwer zu erkennen. Es tut mir leid, dass ich nicht über die andere Spitzhacke beraten kann. Es gibt einen neuen deutschen Sender in der Vintage Story-Zwietracht. Hier ist eine Einladung zum Beitritt: https://discordapp.com/invite/CkJjdrB Wenn Sie in der Gruppe sind, suchen Sie links nach "Deutsch". I'm sorry that I only speak English, but I hope Google Translate makes my words understandable. I can only help a bit, but a veteran should come soon. For more copper: surface parts indicate copper in the stone directly below. It may be several blocks away but it is always there. Tin: Sometimes you find a few pieces on the surface, but usually you can find them by looking in caves. You have to look very closely. Bismuth is very hard to recognize on some stones. I'm sorry that I can not advise on the other pickaxe. There is a new German channel in the Vintage Story discord. Here is an invitation to join: https://discordapp.com/invite/CkJjdrB If you are in the group, look for "deutsch" on the left.
  14. No, the bed and other items can be picked up and then used elsewhere. Although it is possible that they also suffered from the bug that caused ladders and wooden paths to disappear when trying to pick them up. Looks like we have 1.9.9 now. Hopefully whatever wasn't working in your game is fine now! Best wishes! p.s. If you edit the chest.json, they need to be able to drop and also NOT be retrieve only. The 3 collapsed chests, I made collapsed3 have only 4 slots because it looks so delapidated. collapsed1 is the most pristine of the 3 collapsed chests, if that is of interest to you. p.p.s Oh yeah, and also the slot changes won't take effect until you pick up the chest and then place it down again.
  15. Yeah... in order to actually take the chests back to your base and use them, you'd need to edit their .json file. The empty loot vessels shouldn't be happening..and you should be able to pick up nearly all of the other items (except broken translocators).
  16. This sounds like a bug. The chests will be destroyed if you break them, but the items they contain should still be there (I've seen this on Ashantin's videos -- I just right click on the chest to open it and remove contents, but an empty chest cannot be opened in that manner). There is one room that I've seen empty chests.. it also has a broken translocator. I've never come across any other empty chests except at a trader's wagon. As has already been mentioned, both types of crates can be broken and picked up to use as decoration elsewhere. So if they are just breaking and disappearing, that must be a bug. There has been a recent bug that causes some items to break and disappear (like ladders and wooden pathways) and I'm not clear on whether that has been fixed or not. Which version are you on? 1.9.8 was just released.
  17. dakko

    Panning question

    I used both granite sand and granite gravel. Pretty sure that I used a different type of gravel too, but can't remember which one.
  18. I don't think bees are as rare as people make out. First of all, the dry but not desert -- I'm in grassland and the 'dry' still looks like grassland to me, maybe slightly less lush. There are no forests, but there are some spotty clumps of trees here and there... including some big giant oak trees... and I've got at least 4 beehives. I'm a bit hard of hearing and cannot rely on sound to find them, yet I've had no trouble finding them. So, yeah, I think it takes patience and perhaps a systematic search, but it is doable unless you are just in the completely wrong environment. Even then, an examination of the large map gives the player the ability to head to a more favorable location. It helps to be walking too. I can't tell you how many videos I've watched where the player is looking for bees and running right through optimal conditions without slowing down to look around.
  19. dakko

    Panning question

    You can get other ores too, flint, and stone. I've also gotten arrowheads and a copper spearhead. I haven't done much panning though.
  20. I found a decorative chest (the Owl Chest) in a surface ruin... although I had to excavate the soil that was partially burying it, and the chest was in a basement room. It had a "diadem"
  21. For one channel, it isn't that most people today have very short attention spans, it is (I believe) the mindset of the viewers. There is a very loud (and aggressive) group that has an intolerance for anything outside of their immediate interest. I doubt they would even look at the game before giving their expert opinion on how this is just MC. eta: and this is based on comments to an Ark Survival LP, where there was very hateful and aggressive demands to do MC
  22. dakko

    Knapping Issue

    I think what RedRam meant was that you must be holding a stone in your hand for it to work. I've had something similar happen with other grids and it is always because I'm not holding the correct item, which means I can no longer interact with the grid.
  23. dakko

    Beginner Here

    Another approach is to build on top of a small hill. Rather than try to describe it, I'll point you to a recent video where Ashantin is finessing her new spot with an eye towards safety.
  24. I agree too! Also it has an appeal for adults that side-eyed MC due to the childish graphics and never played it. I think there is a huge untapped market there.
  25. I would love to see spider webs being used as an optional poultice ingredient, maybe an uber poultice. It is said that they've been used (in rl) since ancient times to stop bleeding.
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