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  1. dakko

    Panning question

    You can get other ores too, flint, and stone. I've also gotten arrowheads and a copper spearhead. I haven't done much panning though.
  2. I found a decorative chest (the Owl Chest) in a surface ruin... although I had to excavate the soil that was partially burying it, and the chest was in a basement room. It had a "diadem"
  3. For one channel, it isn't that most people today have very short attention spans, it is (I believe) the mindset of the viewers. There is a very loud (and aggressive) group that has an intolerance for anything outside of their immediate interest. I doubt they would even look at the game before giving their expert opinion on how this is just MC. eta: and this is based on comments to an Ark Survival LP, where there was very hateful and aggressive demands to do MC
  4. dakko

    Knapping Issue

    I think what RedRam meant was that you must be holding a stone in your hand for it to work. I've had something similar happen with other grids and it is always because I'm not holding the correct item, which means I can no longer interact with the grid.
  5. dakko

    Beginner Here

    Another approach is to build on top of a small hill. Rather than try to describe it, I'll point you to a recent video where Ashantin is finessing her new spot with an eye towards safety.
  6. I agree too! Also it has an appeal for adults that side-eyed MC due to the childish graphics and never played it. I think there is a huge untapped market there.
  7. I would love to see spider webs being used as an optional poultice ingredient, maybe an uber poultice. It is said that they've been used (in rl) since ancient times to stop bleeding.
  8. Thanks for that explanation, redram. The prospecting pick makes more sense to me now.
  9. My answers depend on whether I am voting for things that would make it more marketable, or for my own gaming.
  10. While I would enjoy that approach, there are too many people that wouldn't. I would rather have the individual player approach the game in the manner that they prefer.
  11. (copying from discord discussion) I like your ideas for penalizing the crudely tilled ground, Red Ram. The problem that I have with metal hoes is that it requires a skill set previously learned in other games. The race to smelting is a strategy that has to be learned and perfected. Which is fine. Once it becomes second nature, players are eager for that pickax anyway, so waiting to plant their seeds is no big deal. Also, as Airova mentioned, tools aren't even necessary for growing crops on a small scale. For game mechanics, it makes sense to require a tool; a crude stone age farming implement would be more in keeping with the rest of the game, and more realistic too. So here is the catch (and this is probably only a hardship for single players): a player starts a game, and unless they've already perfected the race to smelting, or already know how to keep themselves armed and know how to hunt efficiently and cook their food, they are going to starve to death. Unless they start prepping to smelt pretty quickly, it's game over. Why can't we spend some time in the stone age and maybe struggle our way to copper?
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