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  1. PSJ has said that he is enjoying VS so much that he cannot stop playing. He has an interesting discussion going on twitter about the increasingly short attention span of children/young adults and that being a driving force for what is successful on his channel. Too bad, as he is brilliant when it comes to immersive gameplay and storytelling.
  2. The grid is only viewable when holding clay. I suspect that it must also be the same type of clay that you started with (so if you've started to craft the mold with fire clay, the grid may not be viewable if you're holding blue clay). To complete the mold, approach it while holding clay and the grid will be viewable again. eta: It is not free-form. You must complete the template as it is given.
  3. Make sure that an empty inventory space is active (highlighted) on your toolbar or else you won't be able to pick it up by right clicking.
  4. dakko

    Why Can't I Cook?

    The picture looks like you're using bushmeat (from wolves and other carnivores) rather than fresh meat (from pigs, sheep, rabbits). Bushmeat can only be cooked over an open flame (by itself; not in a pot).
  5. I can confirm that the game only requires verification the first time you play, and only on startup. I've been playing single player offline for a little over 2 years and have never had it refuse to launch or end the game session in all that time.
  6. dakko

    crafting a torch

    You will first need to build a fire: Make a firestarter - directions are in the handbook (open the handbook by pressing "H"). Wiki, First Day Guide (scroll down to "Light/Cooking") to see how to build a firepit. Use the firestarter to light the firepit. Once you have a firepit, right click on it to open and insert sticks/branches into the top slot. As long as the fire is burning, it will convert the sticks to torches. edit: oops. Sorry, I see that you already made a firepit so you only need the firestarter. I'll leave this here in case someone else might need it.
  7. Do you mean, 100 hours since the update that originally put bees into the game... or 1.10.6 (recent release) that fixes the spawn rate of bees? Hopefully 1.10.6+ will take care of that for you, although it won't add them to already loaded chunks afaik.
  8. It is now sprint + place (shift + right click).
  9. Your base is looking really nice! A couple of your copper molds were not completely full and that is why you couldn't pick them up after they'd cooled. Each tool takes 100 units of copper -- there is text that appears while you're pouring to let you know how much is in the mold. It takes 2 copper ingots to make 1 copper plate. They're made on the anvil after being heated in a forge.
  10. Ah. Tyron brought stone hoes back in 1.10, thank goodness! There is a stone hoe mod by Melchior that is quite nice and doesn't add anything else to the game.
  11. Lol! Well, I can't help you with the love part, but brown coal is found in sedimentary rock. I think charcoal is a better fuel source (made by burning full stacks of firewood within a fully enclosed space; blocks such as tilled farmland do not count as a full block because it is one pixel lower than a standard block). Let me know if you need more detail on making charcoal. Horsetails can grow spontaineously on tilled farmland (not sure if it needs to be moist), just like grass but it is more rare. It grows in the wild in areas that also favor mushrooms. I'm not sure of the actual requirements. I associate them with woods too -- the places where you are apt to find sticks on the ground -- often with some elevation, but not necessarily. There are other poultices that can be made with linen and do not require horsetails. Are you in 1.9? In the most recent version (1.10 pre-release) the chance of finding bees has been increased x3, if I remember correctly. However food also decays in 1.10, so there's that. Anyway, bees spawn during world creation and require a dry climate. They are associated with the type of climate that favors soybeans. They're most often found in acacia trees or oaks (sometimes in those really huge oaks, and the hives can be way up high too!). Some hives will hang openly from the bottom of trunks, but they can also be found in straight trunks. Most people will hear them before they see them.
  12. I watched your video! I hope that you do a series. My daughter was here visiting and we both enjoyed your commentary. As to your question though... thought you might like to know that there are some above-ground ruins that have subterranean rooms too. There are also ruins to be found in caves. If you find any underground chests that cannot be opened, it is because they are empty (temporarily -- some in-game items are currently being worked on and balanced and, I am told, that stocking those particular chests will come afterwards).
  13. Lol! No, but they do sometimes drop one of two items. One of their items is used to reset your spawn point.
  14. You should be able to right click on them when the cursor turns red. I am guessing that it is probably a positioning issue. edit: Although the only interaction is to open their transaction window. Were you able to do that?
  15. dakko

    Cheats On?

    You may want to pop in to the VS discord group and ask there. Here is the invite link. Someone is nearly always around, even those that do not frequent the forums. Hope to see you there!
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