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Add an option to remove the minecraft style grid crafting. (ala 7D2D/Valheim)


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EDIT:  And I've made my first new forum member faux pas and just noticed this has already been requested enough to be put in the frequenly requested thread at the bottom. oops sorry.


I have had Minecraft for years and mostly only because my kids play it. I think vintage story is the actual crafting survival game i wanted to play in that world and the reason I bought it was very much because it WASN'T Minecraft.  So the one thing that irks me the most is having to arrange your materials in just the right size of piles in a 3x3 grid as a final step of crafting.  If I have 10 cattails just let me press a button to craft it.  I don't want to have to look though 5 menus every time I want to craft something new so I can reference how to place them on a grid first.  I guess the MC veterans might think this is too much nitpicking, and I realize that a request to remove the feature entirely probably wont go down at all, but having an option to turn it off would be really great.  I'm no stranger to tree punching simulators like MC/7D2D/Rust/Valheim etc... but the UX in this game, as lovely as the game is. Is pretty convoluted, it could use some more streamlining to bring it into the user experience of games that have moved past and surpassed Minecraft.  And I don't think doing so in terms of the grid crafting system is going to have an impact on gameplay difficulty.  It's just an archaic annoyance in my eyes.  And I"m hoping I'm not alone in this.

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I'm a MC veteran and I think you're absolutely right. Specially since Minecraft recipes are kept fairly simple - but here we have some absolute nonsense. Have you seen windmill-related recipes? Tabbing back and forth 5+ times as you say... We have a handy handbook showing us all the things, let us just craft directly from it! Hell, make dedicated stations we need to craft at if need be!

I think this game needs to take a page from more modern and way more user friendly survival crafting games like Grounded.

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