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The food spoilage and preservation update (v1.10-rc.1)


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Patient community,
Version 1.10.0-rc.1, an unstable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

Took a while, but here it is! \o/
This update is centered around food spoilage and food preservation. This together with the upcoming addition of seasons should make for some some really interesting game play.

Some Screenshots and Videos

Spoilage: Food now stays fresh for a set amount of days, then begins to spoil,  ultimately turning into rot
0-carrot.png.058e02a30c2aeef9740f0fe84468707c.png => 0-rot.png.50eb687d56b94e3f14e8f79abdbf9dba.png

Preserve Food: You can now build cellars to make food last longer. Can place food into crocks and storage vessels for an additional preservation bonus. Crocks can be stored on shelves.

Can now make barrels to pickle vegetables, cure meat, create compost, create limewater and mortar and to store honey or water2019-07-20_11-19-15.thumb.png.c082e0a41236463b8a010d116253a24d.png

Static translocators are now repairable, which will yield in a random, yet permanent, 2-way connection with another place in the world.

Greatly improved visuals: VS is prettier than ever with new water shader effects, water stream particles, much improved dynamic shadows, much improved color grading and contrast, improved sun/moon rendering and shading, loaded world edge smoothing, tree leaves swaying and more


Can now create colored lights in survival mode

Many new flower pot variants, several storage vessel variants, all sold by a new artisan trader type0-pots.thumb.png.2c6f5335e8cd19f00d9e04716a86865f.png


All Game updates

  • Feature: Food spoilage
    • All food items now have a certain duration where they are fresh after which they will slowly, and visibly begin to rot. Once completely rotten the item will turn into inedible rot
    • The speed at which food spoils depends on the food type and how they are stored. All containers now show their spoilage rate in the block info
    • Pro-Tips:
      • Cooking or Preserving food makes it slightly fresher
      • Keeping a pot of cooked food above 75° keeps it from spoiling
      • A hot climate is a food killer. Spoilage rates there are up to 2.5 times faster. On the bright side, placing food in a cellar will completely mitigate that problem. Extremely cold climates makes food spoil up to 10 times slower.
  • Feature: Food preservation
    • Added Cellars: Dark spaces are recognized by the game and food spoils slower there. Spaces enclosed in soil or rock are also recognized and will additionally slow down the spoilage rates
    • Added Storage vessels: Made from clay, these vessels can store food items. Stored grains and vegetables get an extra preservation bonus.
    • Added Crocks: For long term storage of cooked food and pickled vegetables. Added crock shelves to store up to 8 crocks. Crock mechanics are still a bit wonky/unfinished in pre.1
  • Feature: Improved cooked meals
    • Added Jam: Can now create jam from 2 honey + 2 berries
    • Cooked meals now give a lofty satiety bonus of +50%
    • Partial servings: The player no longer wastes meals when overeating. You will only eat as much as you have satiety left to fill
    • Fixed honey and soybean not adding anything to meals
    • Meals can now also spoil. To remove a rotten meal, throw the pot into water and let it soak for a while 😉
  • Feature: New crafting mechanic: The Barrel
    • Lets you pickle vegetables which last longer than fresh ones
    • Let's you cure meat which last longer than raw meat
    • Lets you mix quicklime with water to create slaked lime. Mix again with sand to create mortar. Mortar is now required to craft stone brick blocks or clay brick blocks. Quicklime is created by baking lime, whereas lime can be created by crushing chalk or limestone stones.
    • Lets you create compost from 60 pieces of rot. Compost is a high fertility soil useful for farming
    • Barrel recipes are now listed in the handbook
  • Feature: Healing/Satiety/Nutrient rebalance
    • Most foods no longer heal the player
    • Added very slow self healing. Self healing is reduced when the player is below 75% satiety. Self healing costs additonal satiety
    • You now need to rely on poultices to heal yourself. (One more healing item will be addded still)
    • Upped max satiety from 1200 to 1500. Satiety drains 10% faster. Attacking creatures costs a bit of extra satiety
    • Nutrients now drain twice as slow
  • Feature: Berry bush rebalance
    • Can no longer be harvested instantly. Now takes about a 0.6 seconds for each bush
    • Take 3-4 more days to flower and ripen
    • Ripe berry bushes will revert to their empty state after about 20 days
  • Feature: Static translocator are now repairable
    • These devices that you have already found underground in v1.9, can now be repaired with gears and metal parts. Once repaired, they will connect to another translocator somewhere on the map and allow transport between both locations
  • Feature: First steps towards automation mechanics: Hoppers and Chutes
    • Can now craft hoppers and chutes that will move items from one container to another. Championed by Tatsu and Redram \o/
  • Feature: Greatly improved visuals
    • Feature: The sides of blocks are now illuminated depending on the sun and moon position
    • Feature: Improved dusk/dawn ambient. The sun now also becomes orange/red during dusk/dawn and the ambient colors during those time are more aesthetically pleasing
    • Feature: The edge of the loaded world now fades into the sky, i.e. hard chunk edges are less visible now
    • Feature: Leaves now sway in the wind
    • Feature: The held items in first person mode now sway a bit
    • Feature: The moon is no longer just a white rectangle. It has an actual texture to it now.
    • Feature: Greatly improved water visuals
      • Added fresnel effect (looking straight down makes water transparent, looking at it at a steep makes it opaque)
      • Added foamy water edge shading effect
      • Added a "glittery" effect that moves across the waters surface
      • Added stream particles for moving water
      • Particles are now affected my moving water
      • Improved water splash particles
    • Feature: Added Glowy lava edge shading effect
    • Tweak: Much improved gamma correction. Turns gamma correction was wrongly implemented making the game dark and washed out. Vintage Story overall ambient now looks much better and less is less eye-straining
    • Tweak: Improved falling block entity visuals. They are no longer jittery while falling and less likely flicker upon dropping/landing
    • Tweak: Added rotation smoothing when turning around in overhead camera mode. Used to be jittery when turning around.
    • Tweak: Particles of boyant blocks are now also boyant
    • Tweak: Reduce block z-fighting issues (glass + ice was z-fighting)
    • Tweak: The forge looks more like a forge by reducing its inset depth
    • Tweak: Polished the godrays effect a bit. Dusks no longer have intensified god rays (Dawns still do)
    • Fixed: Several visual glitches with dynamic shadows are now gone or significantly reduced
    • Fixed: Mitigated lacking water fog and ambient visuals while under water in the night
  • Feature: Ingame documentation improvements
    • Added handbook page on prospecting
    • Added held item/block interaction help \o/
  • Feature: Colored lights in survival mode - can now apply colored glass to lanterns to make them emit colored light
  • Feature: Can now name chiseled blocks
  • Feature: New Blocks
    • Added large vessel, a 12 slot container
    • Added new small flower pot textures. Updated small flower pot models.
    • Added new flower pot variants. added new pickled vegetable models. other stuff. BEAnimatable now more simplified (moved the code to a utility class)
  • Feature: Added Artisan Trader
    • Will sell you some very decorative flower pots and storage vessels that cannot be acquired anywhere else
  • Feature: PvP/PvE Improvements
    • Added "ding" sound whenever player hits a creature with a projectile (stone, spear or arrow)
    • You can now hide your own player tag by sneaking
  • Feature: Farmland fertilizer
    • Can now be fertilized with potash, bonemeal and saltpeter. Allows to (temporarily) increase the fertility of soil to 100%.
    • Fixed some oddities about farmland
    • Natural nutrient recovery is now 3 times slower
    • All killed animals now also yield bones. Breaking ribcages in the desert drops bones
    • Sylvite can now be ground into potash and bones can be ground into bonemeal
  • Feature: Can now flip hand slot contents with hotkey 'X'
  • Feature: Stacked bamboo can now be placed sideways like logs
  • Feature: Added -pw argument to VintageStory.exe commandline to connect to a server with a password
  • Feature: Looking at killed creatures/players now show which player killed it
  • Feature: Worldmap waypoints now show the waypoint number for easy reference when wanting to delete them again
  • Feature: Added confirm dialog for external links
  • Feature: Added server description text section for public servers
  • Feature: Added "Open For All" toggle for the public server lists
  • Feature: Harvestable killed creatures now show if their drop rate is reduced because they fell from a large height or were killed by another animal
  • Tweak: World generation changes
    • Ore/Mineral Deposit tweaks
      • Made iron ore deposits 20 times rarer but 10 times bigger.
      • Decreased the occurrence of a cinnabar ore
      • Increased occurence of salt by adding rare but massive salt dome deposits
      • Reduced surface copper deposit sizes (but should still spawn about the same amount of loose copper bits)
      • Reduced occurence of fire clay deposits, therefore made them thicker
    • Fixed a long lasting bug with child deposits (gold, quartz, sylvite and silver in galena) not properly generating
    • Fixed: Fixed worldgen having a strong bias to only generate a small subset of all possible trader outpost variants
    • Fixed: World gen towards north being forever ice mountains
  • Tweak: Gameplay balancing changes
    • Can now craft hoes from stone and fllint
    • High fertility soil is now called "Terra Preta" and has +5% more fertility.
    • Locust now run about 10% faster and do 1.5 damage instead of 1
    • Buffed cob recipe, now yields 10 instead of 8 cob
    • Doubled temporal gear drop rate
    • Doubled feather drop rate from hens and roosters
    • Doubled max stacksize for feathers and flax twine
    • Female bunnies also eat crops now like their male counterpart
    • Hares can no longer spawn on farmland
    • Debuffed fat, now gives half as much satiety
    • Standing still reduced satiety drain by a factor of 3. Now will only do this while standing still AND not interacting with the world.
    • The forge now only accepts up to 5 coal instead of 10
    • Wooden clubs and handbaskets are now combustible
    • Halite can now be ground into salt
    • Bows are now a bit more accurate when standing still and when getting the timing right
    • Increase satiety drain by 10%
    • Halved damage taken from starving
  • Tweak: Loot vessels are now called "Cracked vessel" and the texture now has visible cracks.
  • Tweak: Barren soil is now called just "Soil". Depleted soil (only in creative mode) is now Barren soil.
  • Tweak: Firepit gui no longer shows 20 degrees C, but "Cold"
  • Tweak: Improved translation support
  • Tweak: Bony remains of animals now linger 14 days instead of 7
  • Tweak: Small overall graphics performance improvement (technical info: Full screen render passes are now done with 1 triangle instead of 2, improving cache locality)
  • Tweak: The survival goods trader will now also sell halite, the commodities trader now also sells potash
  • Tweak: Varius small improvements on the handbook (now lists tall gass and fire pits)
  • Tweak: Chromite, Pentlandite, Rhodochrosite and Cinnabar now only spawn deep down below
  • Tweak: Tripled the chance for beehives to spawn
  • Tweak: Mitigate white pixel on world map bug: You can now place a block on an affected spot to fix it
  • Fixed: Leaf block decay not working since v1.9 O__O
  • Fixed: Player character not centered in the create character dialog
  • Fixed: Multiple visual and physics glitches with locusts
  • Fixed: Bunch of minor glitches when harvesting carcasses
  • Fixed: Memory leak in knapping surface block
  • Fixed: Several memory leaks when leaving a game world
  • Fixed: Player swim sound not distance-attenuated
  • Fixed: Many fox sounds were not playing
  • Fixed: Game crashing when left clicking with chisel in hands
  • Fixed: Mushroom inside meals giving fruit nutrients instead of vegetable
  • Fixed: Squeezing honey comb with a full inventory made the beeswax disappear
  • Fixed: Major issue with entities turning invisible, e.g. after sleeping
  • Fixed: Should fix .tfedit and .bsedit generatic json code with commas instead of dots, which is not valid json
  • Fixed: Should fix music not stopping when starting a track in the echo chamber
  • Fixed: Mechanical power blocks not affected by fog
  • Fixed: Rare server side exception related to block containers
  • Fixed: Able to pour lead into tool molds
  • Fixed: Locusts spawned from nests not acting as one herd
  • Fixed: Issue with sun lighting where completly closing up any access to sunlight an empty space would not make it pitch black
  • Fixed: Block interaction help consuming a lot of CPU power when displaying interactions on a block
  • Fixed: Not able to sell linen bags to trader
  • Fixed: Breaking Chests not dropping the right block

Game Server/Multiplayer updates:

  • Feature: Can now filter out whitelisted and password protected servers from the public servers list
  • Feature: Improved player privilege system. There is now the ability to deny privileges to specifically take away a privilege granted by a players role.  New commands:
    • /player [playername] privilege deny
    • /player [playername] privilege removedeny
  • Feature: Can now also grant/revoke/deny player privileges through commands while the player is offline.
  • Tweak: Added server command /debug rebuildlandclaimpartitions
  • Fixed: Server welcome message configuration was ingored. Added ability to set welcome message also via "/serverconfig welcomemessage" or "/serverconfig motd"
  • Fixed: Multiple issues with player animations, player held item poses and their current active hotbar slot. Most notably in multiplayer
  • Fixed: Can no longer ignite claimed blocks
  • Fixed: Able to fill beenades on claimed skeps

API Updates:

  • Engine concept change: The name, description and icon of ItemStacks are now container-aware. That means it is now possible for an item stacks icon, name or description to change depending on what inventory it is in. This required several refactors. Amongst others:
    • IRenderAPI.GetItemStackRenderInfo(ItemStack itemstack,....) is now obsolete, use the new IRenderAPI.GetItemStackRenderInfo(ItemSlot itemstack,....)
    • Refactor: Collectible.GetHandbookInfo changed first argument from ItemStack to ItemSlot
    • Refactor: Itemstack.GetDescription added 'ItemSlot inSlot' argument
  • Feature: Increased block id range by a factor of 30. Instead of the 65k block id limit we now have 2 million block ids. Be aware though that the game is not optimized yet to handle 2 million different blocks.
  • Feature: Added texture overlay rendering to the InventoryItemRenderer. Supply overlay texture in renderInfo.OverlayTexture
  • Feature: New block type property: Collectible.PerishableProps
  • Feature: Block and Item description texts can now display rich text (using VTML)
  • Feature: Added sapi.WorldManager.PeekChunkColumn() to generate a chunk column without actually loading it. Also completely bypasses any previoulsy generated chunk data.
  • Feature: Added CollectibleObject.OnCreatedByCrafting(). A method that is called when the collectible was created during grid crafting
  • Feature: Added ability to set a player role and grant/revoke playe privileges. There is now a new submodule at sapi.Server.PermissionManager for that. Moved/Removed all privilege related api methods to that subapi.
  • Feature: Added method EntityBehavior.DidAttack
  • Feature: added 3 new methods to BlockBehavior: OnBlockInteractStop, OnBlockInteractStep and OnBlockInteractCancel
  • Refactor: Refactor permissions api, everything is now in sapi.Permissions. Can now also set a players role.
  • Refactor: All geometry no longer has baked block side shading, instead TesselateShape() now generates vertex normals (packed into the renderFlags array) upon which they are shaded. This might break some block side shading for some renderers, in most cases you only need to do meshdata.rgba2=null; before uploading the mesh
  • Refactor: Changed first argument in Collectible.GetHeldItemInfo() from ItemStack to ItemSlot
  • Refactor: Renamed IRenderAPI.DeleteTexture() to IRenderAPI.RemoveTexture()
  • Refactor: in IRenderAPI `int GetOrLoadTexture(AssetLocation name, BitmapRef bmp);` is now `void GetOrLoadTexture(AssetLocation name, BitmapRef bmp, ref LoadedTexture intoTexture);`
  • Refactor: For all API methods that required or returned a blockid the data type is now int instead of ushort
  • Refactor: IWorldAccessor.Blocks/Items/Recipes are now Lists instead of arrays
  • Refactor: api.Event.ChunkColumnGeneration event handler now has to accept an additional argument: , ITreeAttribute chunkGenParams = null
  • Refactor: Changed Block.GetPlacedBlockName(IClientWorldAccessor world, BlockPos pos) to Block.GetPlacedBlockName(IWorldAccessor world, BlockPos pos)
  • Refactor: Renamed api.WorldManager.ResendChunk() to api.WorldManager.BroadcastChunk(). Added api.WorldManager.SendChunk() to send a chunk to an individual player
  • Refactor: vertexFlags.WindWave is now vertexFlags.GrassWindWave
  • Refactor: Collectible.GetDropsForHandbook(IWorldAccessor world, BlockPos pos, IPlayer byPlayer) is now Collectible.GetDropsForHandbook(ItemStack handbookStack, IPlayer forPlayer)
  • Refactor: Block behavior HorizontalOrientable: Replaced "dropBlock" code with "drop" property where one can supply a fully qualified itemstack with attributes
  • Refactor: Renamed api.WorldManager.GetNextHerdId() into api.WorldManager.GetNextUniqueId()
  • Refactor: Refactored Shaders removed prog.PrepareUniformLocations(). Uniform locations are now automatically found and prepared.
  • Refactor: Block.TryPlaceBlockForWorldGen() changed datatype of last argument from Random to LCGRandom
  • Refactor: Collectible.GetHandbookInfo() changed datatype of last argument from Action<string> to ActionConsumable<string>
  • Tweak: Dropped code obfuscation on about 30.000 lines of game code, mostly related to client side rendering
  • Tweak: Doors should be more easily moddable. The door class should work even with other variant groups added
  • Tweak: The full crucible block now has an "emptiedBlockCode" attribute
  • Tweak: Added IRenderAPI.GetOrLoadTexture(AssetLocation name, ref LoadedTexture intoTexture)
  • Tweak: On shader compile errors the game engine now logs which shader code line error'd
  • Tweak: Added Attribute IServerChunk.GameVersionCreated. New chunks now remember their game version they were created (but not completed) with
  • Tweak: BlockGenericTypedContainer now a bit easier to configure via json
  • Tweak: Fence block tweak - added fenceConnect property to disable that fences connect to certain blocks (example: crate)
  • Fixed: AI Task sounds not working when entity not in the default domain
  • Fixed: Chest invisible when using BlockGenericTypedContainer not in the default domain
  • Fixed: Game crashing when using ItemCreature class incorrectly
  • Fixed: block.OnBlockInteractStop called twice on the server in some cases
  • Fixed: Worldproperties files could not be in mod domains
  • Fixed: Texture rotation not working
  • Fixed: A wild card recipe that has one missing output variant would discard all subsequent variants of this recipe
  • Fixed: Some derpiness with handbook links
  • Fixed: Might fix issue with the dropBlock property for the HorizontalOrientable block behavior
  • Removed obsolete api features:
    • inventory.QuantitySlots and inventory.GetSlotId()
    • ICairoFont interface
    • sapi.WorldManager.GetData and sapi.WorldManager.StoreData

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