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Someone at a library gave me a note

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I was out passing time at the Escondido public library the other day. Booted up Minecraft, started building on my friends' realm, when someone came by and put a note on my satchel.

At first I thought it was a librarian about to tell me I was doing something wrong 😅 so I was bewildered for a bit. But I looked at the note and it said this:


I gave them a nod and a smile (or what best I could make of one in the short bit of confusion haha), which I don't know if they saw. I checked out the game, and it seemed really nice! But I kept to myself because I'm a weird introvert like that who has no idea how to talk to strangers, especially in the quiet room of a library. 

They left a good bit before I did but as I was packing up I went over and took a glance at the books they brought to read and it was quite the fun collection of ancient history. I'm an archaeologist myself, talk about a missed connection 😆

No clue on if they browse these forums, but if so, thank you for the rec!

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