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Monster spawn rates?

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Hi, I'm up to trying to do some caves and dungeons and I'm wondering how it works with the monsters,
do they have a set limit as to how many are in a dungeon or cave?
In which case i can kill them off and secure the area.

Or are they just going to continuously spawn in an unlimited fashion?
Because it feels like they just keep coming and coming to the point that i don't even get to loot them and have to retreat,
then the bodies de spawn and lose any rewards and this is me just at the beginning of dungeon, i haven't yet gotten in the dungeon as such.

Currently It feels like a battle of attrition in which i can't win because there will always be more of them than me and they are just going to wear me down till i die.

i will add that I'm playing this solo on standard, no i don't want to switch to a multiplayer game or difficulty, i just want to know what logic is being used in the game or if the game is more simple than i thought?

Cheers for any thought or answers.

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Light is your friend.  Plant torches around as drifters aren't supposed to spawn above a certain light level.  The other thing to do is carry a stack of dirt with you to seal off a section to light and loot it before moving on.  I'm sure there are more advanced strategies and more detail of the game mechanics that others who have been playing longer than the handful of weeks I have can give you too.

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Pay close attention to the "Rift Activity" rating that's visible in your character sheet ('C' button). The calmer the rift activity, the fewer monsters spawn.

I've had nights with zero spawns anywhere on "calm", but was besieged by a dozen drifters on "very high" or "apocalyptic". Hence, I've made it a habit to only go caving on low rift activity days, and so far, it's worked out great.

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