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Just Found my First Ruins - A couple questions

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Hello.  Found some awesome ruins not terribly far below in a cave. Within them, I got this metal barrel and a block labeled "stone rubble" that is invisible if placed but is this white block with a question mark on it if I have it in my inventory. (pictured holding in the bottom right of my 1st image)
I can't seem to do anything with the metal barrel, but I really want to. I put it in the water for about 20 seconds to see if it would "clean", but can't seem to do anything but place it.
Anyone got anything on these?



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They are non-functional and just sort of decorative if you want to have a junk room or cluttered attic.

My presumption is that the stone rubble is slightly bugged.  It's also a "decorative" type block as well.

Ruins and underground ruins can also provide useful items and are generally worth looking into. I presume you've already found the cracked vessels and such in the aboveground ruins.  Plus you can break them down for the building materials if you want.  I've often built part of my initial base/house from cobblestone or blocks taken from a nearby ruin.

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