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Crafting Specializations for an Economic System


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I'm probably not the first one to suggest this, but ooohhh, the possibilities of this game to create specialty items for server economies!
The traders sell differently varied items shown in the parentheses, such as Storage Vessal (oxblood) or Flowerpot (Tenmoku).
If there were specialization trees in clay-forming or smithing that could LEAD to being able to craft these items, that would be game-changing.
These specialization trees should be limited so you can only choose a couple paths (with the ability to re-spec at a costly amount)
As well as pottery or smithing, this could encompass cooking, herbalism, potion-making, artistry, weapon or tool-specializations. The VANIILLA game has so many possibilities for this already!

The MMORPG, Star Wars Galaxies from 2003 had a crafting system that I've still never seen it's equal. Not only would you have to go out and stake your iron claim, i.e., these resources would not only have varying amounts, but they would have varying levels of QUALITY. which could create a better item in the end. This allows for so many intricacies within the crafting system. 
And Vintage Story is PRIMED for this kind of specialization already.


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