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Instant death loop


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So I updated my vintage story version from 1.18.10 to 1.18.13 and added 4 new mods to try and play with my friend. She started starving then instantly died once her hunger hit 0.
Then after she respawned she had 0 hunger still and instantly died again. This is at full health.

So while she was trying to figure out what was wrong I got on my solo world to play so more.

As soon as I got on I was instantly killed. I wasn't starving and had half health.

Then whenever I respawned I had lost all my hunger and died instantly from hunger.

I kept instantly dying even when I disabled all but the vital mods.

So I tried a new world, starved myself to test and got into the loop again.

Is there any idea what is going on?

Update. I just reverted to 1.18.10. I now spawn with half a hunger bar and no longer in an instant death loop. It must be something with 1.18.13 but I don't know what.

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So further update I froze to death and the death loop happened again.

Then my friend reverted her version and deleted the four mods she added.

Now she takes normal damage from starving and frostbite. She also respawns with half a bar of hunger and doesn't instantly die.

I did the same thing and it works too IDK why.

For those wondering the four mods we used were






Any ideas why one of these would cause an instant death starvation loop?

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