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Perhaps this is a stupid question, but...


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I know that we gather stone blocks (for things like the quern and such) by mining in a grid around a block so that it releases.  I get the use of that for stone type blocks...but is there a benefit to doing this with blocks that contain ore?  Is there a way to extract ore from those blocks without placing them back down and mining them out?  I know there's a Pulverizer Mod that allows the Pulverizer to break certain ore chunks into their nuggets (and I love it), but is there a way to break ore blocks into their respective ore chunks?

I realize that the gridded mining benefits us anyway, by allowing us to carry more ore than we would if it just dumped the chunks/nuggets into our inventory, so I don't want this to sound like I'm complaining.  Just wondering if there's a mod or mechanic that I'm missing.

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