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Deez Hnutz

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Hello beautiful people,

I recently started playing VS again (after beating BG3, Starfield, and CP2077+expansion), and I've been switching back and forth between the steam deck (running a LAN server to keep playing on the same world.)

I have run into an issue though: I am logged out of either device every time I play on the other one. I tried searching the forum for a solution, but nothing came back (maybe I just used the wrong search terms, or was too specific?).

I believe the solution to this problem would be to lock down the file containing the logon credentials so that the game can't remove them when it checks with the verification server. I've searched through files, and online to find where the login creds are saved so that I can either make them read only on windows, or remove edit privileges on steam deck. However, I have had no luck, so I came here to see if anyone else has found the file containing the logon creds. If nothing else, I can just edit the executables to stop doing the verification check, but I'd rather not.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! 

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39 minutes ago, Deez Hnutz said:

I believe the solution to this problem would be to lock down the file containing the logon credentials so that the game can't remove them when it checks with the verification server.

Hmmm. Now mind you, I don't actually know how it works under the hood, but this behavior sounds a whole lot like it isn't actually the game that keeps the credentials - and rather that the auth server does. I mean, technically the game does store something, as it allows you to log in while offline as long as you have authenticated against the server at least once, but the server likely has exclusive authority whenever it is involved.

I imagine it this way: when you successfully authenticate, the auth server memorizes some details - where you connected from, which machine you used to connect, what client you connected with, and possibly more. The next time you launch the client, then as long as all these variables remain the exact same, the auth server nods and waves you through without requesting re-authentication because you are a known quantity.

Should you however arrive and present yourself with one or more of these variables different from before, then the auth server cannot guarantee that you are in fact you, and that somebody isn't trying to log into your account from another machine, location, client, etc without your permission. Ergo, it requests verification, and so the client obediently throws up the login mask again so you can re-authenticate. The client makes no decision at any point, it simply does what the auth server commands.

It might work a little different in the code, but the practical result will be as described above.


You can, of course, just pull the network cord or turn off the wifi temporarily while you start the client, so the auth server is never actually involved and the client simply trusts the last valid token you were issued.


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I could see that being the case. The thing is, if the password and username are stored in the game files, stopping them from being overwritten should prevent the overlay from popping up, as it wouldn't be able to be zeroed out by the game pinging the server and should present the user/pass to the game as it normally would. However, the checks could be performed in a different way, as you presume. If that is the case, then a simple script should be able to work around this issue. I'll give writing it a shot with batch/bash, and if that doesn't work, an AHK script or something along those lines could also do the trick. I'll post it as a mod if I end up getting it to work. I've got some stuff to do tomorrow, but it should be pretty simple if I can get around to it. Maybe someone else can beat me to it.
Should be as simple as: wait for game to present logon screen (avg about 2-4 seconds from starting the game) -> press tab -> paste password -> press enter. If there is a user facing API for the logon screen, that would be helpful and would make the whole thing even easier.

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You can copy the sessionkey, sessionsignature, useremail, entitlements, playeruid, playername
form clientsettings.json on your currently logged in device to the other one.
To get to the file you can use the "Open Mods Folder" or "Open Saves Folder" buttons in the game in Mod Manger or Singelplayer

and as long as you do not logout or login on another device you can start the game on PC and on Steam Deck

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